Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life's a Beach

Blogging from our beach side balcony here in Clearwater Florida and life can't get any worse :-) We've been here since Saturday and it's been a wonderful vacation thus far! Auntie Rey Rey and Uncle Roo Roo had to leave paradise this afternoon and head home, soooo sad, but Grandma and Gramps Hojo are here to enjoy the rest of our vacation with us! Yesterday was Brooklyn's 1st trip to Disney world! We took in the magic kingdom and considering she's one with a one year old attention span and well needed nap times she did incredible! Once we got her through the lines for the rides she was mesmerized by all of Walt's creations! We had great time and can't wait to take her back again. The rest of our trip has been spent poolside or beachside digging for shells. Taking in the scenery and eating well. Here's where we are staying....we are on the building to the right at the Sandpearl Condos, the building to the right is the Sandpearl Resort and Hotel. More pictures to come! Hope all is as well as we are :)!!!

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