Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still Here!

Alright, I am not as great at updating the blog as I was a few months ago, so bare with me! Life at the Stephenson's has been busy. We're preparing for our upcoming trip to the Clearwater beach this Friday and I've been cleaning and packing. (I am quite the planner when it comes to this, started packing last week!) I've been working and when I am not I'm chasing my now walking everywhere daughter around. And when I am not doing that I am trying to catch up on on some much needed rest. Brett's busy at the bank putting in his overtime there and when he comes home I jet off to work and he's on Daddy duty as well as putting in some hours teaching online classes at the University of Phoenix. Brooklyn continues to be the center of our universe.

As I said earlier, she's walking nearly %95 of the time now. Only crawling when she she really needs to get somehwere. Which when she walks it takes nearly double the time to get somewhere as to crawling so I find myself tapping my foot wanting to say "hurry up" but keep reminding myself to be very encouraging of this new and developing skill. So instead I stand clapping my hands shooting "YAY!" even though there's that part of me that would love to just pick her up and walk her to our destination myself :-) She's mastered her skill of spotting a puppy, picture image or real, and saying "wooo wooo" (her version of woof woof. Brett and I find real humor in this because we will be walking around the store and all of a sudden Brooklyn would hollar our "wooo wooo" It'll take us a minute of looking around and sure enough there will be some image of a puppy nearby.
Here she is walking her new favorite puppy around, mid "WOO WOO"

Brooklyns finally weened to whole milk now, but it's a challenge to get her to drink her daily requirement. She eats pretty much anything you put in front of her, but I have found that I have to start with her veggies first before her starch or protein otherwise the veggies get tossed to Deuce, and he doesn't always eat those either. And if you think she's full she'll surprise you with room for a whole container of whatever fruit you give her for desert. She's figured out how to climb up the ladder in her swingset and get herself up in the "fort" area which nearly gave me a heart attack when I discovered she could even do that watching her from several yards away and she's already up half up the ladder. She still needs some assistance with it and can't be trusted alone. She loves the slide, but when we stand there to catch her coming down the slide sometimes she forgets that it's legs first and she takes a head dive for our arms.

We celebrated Deuce's 4th birthday on Sunday! He got tons of treat and we went for a special ride to McDonalds so he can have some Fries. He was nice to share his fries with Brooklyn.

So here are some random pictures from the past few weeks. I have nothing real creative to go with them, just wanted to post and let you all know that we are still here!

P.S. Happy birthdays to Grandma Trini and Gramps Mike! Hope you both had wonderful Bdays!

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The Newmans said...

She is so adorable Mae! And happy birthday to your pup! We go to McDonalds for our too!