Monday, June 22, 2009

Who has the best Daddy ever?!

Fathers day was spent yesterday like any other normal sunday (on weekends that Mommy has to work!)...and that my friends is why Brooklyn has the best Daddy ever and I have the best Hubbie ever! I brought home breakfast on my way home from work complete with a dozen from krispy kreme for the Dad of our house. We enjoyed our family meal and then I hit the sack and checked out the insides of my eyelids for a few hours. Daddy continued his wonderful day of yardwork, picking up the house, serving lunch, and running to the grocery store. What a great day for him huh?! Now before you all get critical on my wife-ing skills let it be known that Daddy did manage to get plenty of XBox time in playing Tiger Woods. That's become a past time and rarity at our household lately, so yesterday I didn't complain once when the Xbox went on (partly because I was sleeping :)!) My only request was for him to run to the grocery store and pick up some food since our household had been seriously lacking fresh food since our week long hiatus. I felt bad to have to request that of him on his special day, but he didn't object. He ran his errand with Brooklyn in tow, came home and had more Daddy fun playing with the munchkin and her furry brother Deuce. See why I have a wonderful hubbie and why Brooklyn's the luckiest daughter in the world? He doesn't ask for much and expect much on his special days and thats why I want to give him the world. He deserves more then McDonalds Deluxe breakfast, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, a video game, and a tired cranky night working wife!! Darn weekend shifts and hospitals that can't figure out how to close for the holidays and weekends! I am afraid our trip to Clearwater over shined the fact that Daddy's day was 2 days after our return. I owe my hubbie a better daddy's day then that and it'll come soon....when we both have days off again! Til then, Thanks Brett for being the most wonderful man, hubbie and daddy ever! Your setting the bar high for Brooklyn's future hubbie, yikes! did I just type "Brooklyn's hubbie"!?!

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