Friday, July 31, 2009

SOLD!!! (then bought!)

We put our spare room furniture on craigslist yesterday and this evening we sold the whole set plus the TV. They got a slamming deal if you ask me! We are starting our clean out/clean up process for baby and our next plan is to start painting the room. Although we haven't agreed on a color we have agreed to yet again avoid pink. About 5 mins after we sold the furniture we headed out to buy a baby swing. We were blessed to be able to borrow Will's swing for Brooklyn (thanks again Riecke family!) and had one upstairs and one downstairs which was great and extremely convenient!! But since Will is expecting his little sister a couple months before our baby makes her arrival we knew we had to get a new one. The swing was so great for Brooklyn that Brett and I both agreed early on that we had to have one for the next baby. Plus its nice being spolied with 2 swings! Anyway to justify my splurge I found the swing on craiglist for a great price! I can't justify full price on the swing since we won't need it after this baby and it's technically our second! So we headed down the street to check it out and make our first baby#2 purchase! Money earned was money spent shortly after! Story of my life!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Copy Cat

Brooklyn's caught on to following our every move. Last night we were attempting to displine her during meal time (she was throwing what she didn't want to eat on the floor for deuce). We kind have always avoided using the word no and instead say "ahuh" while shaking our head side to side in a no fashion. Instead of following our command she followed our motion and shook her head side to side and said "uhhh". ALREADY she is starting to mock us?! :) We laughed, of course bad reaction because that just encouraged her!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

kicking vs fluttering

Alright , I definitely know that I can't feel baby kicking me at this point, but I am completely certain that this child is moving around. I know 14 weeks is rather early especially since I swear I have felt baby even earlier then now, but tonight while at work I am convinced indeed she is moving around. She's laying on my bladder or moving in close proximity. The feeling is that heavy bubble moving from side to side as well as pressure on my lower abdomen....and no it's not gas. It's exactly what I felt pregnant with Brooklyn. I LOVE IT! All those skeptics that think I am crazy for feeling baby this early can bite me :-), you can't convince me otherwise!

Monday, July 27, 2009


We hired a sitter yesterday to start next week. YAY! I have her overlapping with Lily, just in case, but my gut instinct tells me she is going to be great! We did a ton of interviews yesterday and Saturday and I am glad to say that we really liked all of them and that we would have been okay with any of them so then it came down to who we liked most and it wasn't about settling for just anyone! The process wasn't as awful as I thought it would be and I am so glad to know that I had options. The crappy economy and rise in unemployment actually works out in my favor. I still have people sending me messages regarding the job even though it's filled. One lady emailed me asking if I would be willing to send Brooklyn to her home cause she home schools her kids and I responded back that sending her somewhere was not an option. Then she wrote back that she would be okay leaving her kids at home by themselves for the day since they were middle school age and come to my house to watch Brooklyn. Is that an appropriate age to live your kids alone all day? Hmmm...too each is own. She didn't make the interviews...but interesting situtation for her! Anyway, if any of my Queen Creek neighbors are looking for some sitters I kept the contact info for the ones we liked and the ones we background checked for short notice situations or other sitting issues that might come up.

I am starting to actually feel pregnant now. I am showing and needing to get my maternity clothes down from the attic, maninly for my bella band! I swear I feel her moving around a bit, but they say that it's too early. I am getting better about the time spent with my head in the toilet. I am tired more so then I just normally am and love nap time! Occasionally simple tasks that I do make me feel winded like I just ran around the block.

Brooklyn is great. We headed to the pool on Friday and she of course loved it. She even loves to wear her sunglasses around...inside the house.

We made her a fort the other day while folding laundry up...and her she is thinking it was the greatest thing in the world.....Oh to be 1 years old!

She loves building things with her blocks and can do so for forever.

(check out the hair and 'fro she is sporting!....I wouldn't have guessed I would have a daughter with curly hair!)
She is very proud of her creations and walks them over to us with pride to show us what's she put together.

And here she is with her newest favorite thing in the world...Dora's play house.

All this play time keeps her soo busy she barely has time for her naps :-) Can you tell she's ready for a nap?

The other day she had a full on conversation with the dog. I was rolling with laughter because the 2 of them carried on and on like they understood each other. Deuce would bark at her and she would talk right at him...of course what she would say sounded like chinese, but he would wait for her to finish her "sentence" and he would bark right back at her. I wonder if they really think they understand each other!?!

Brooklyns vocab has expanded. She says Hi, DaDa, occasionally Mama, Uh oh, Nigh Nigh and Tay Ti (which is her version of Thank you, which we finally figured out she was saying cause she only said it in reponse to you handing or giving her something. Which we always said to her when she give us things or handed things to her. Pays to have manners! We are proud parents!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Mani Pedi's

Brett is out enjoying a round a golf with a friend... Though I don't know how you can enjoy it since its probably over 100 degrees already and it is only 930. Brooklyn and I are enjoying our freshly manicured nails! It is our day of rest here so I thought what a great way to start by pampering ourselves! Brooklyn sat still as she got her pedi done. I was impressed! She even sat still to let them dry and not get nail polish all over the couch and carpet! It is amazing what I can get done with Lilo and Stitch on in the background. She got a new toy from Brett's district manager Heather the other day that she just loves! Heather's daughter apparently outgrew the Dora stage and has very kindly passed on hey toys to Brooklyn. Brooklyn has been playing non stop with her new adorable Dora dollhouse. I think I love it just as much as she does because she is soo entertained and literally has sat there for hours playing. AMAZING! Our day or rest continues with more interviews for sitters and just relaxing. Slowly but surely the laundry will get put away! Yesterday was cleaning day with yard work and all! It's nice lounging around knowing the house is actually somewhat clean! I need to start interviews for a cleaning lady! Wish us luck to finally find a sitter! I liked a few of the girls from yesterday and hope our interviews go as well today as they did yesterday. I like having choices!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well Seated

I've been struggling over when to put Brooklyn in her foward facing car seat over the past few weeks. I know the recommendations is to have her in it after the 1 year and 20 lb mark, but the more research I do I find that the American Pediatric Association say to keep them rear facing until she hits the max weight on the infant carrier. (Which ours is 32 lbs, but lets be honest, I bet Brooklyn will be in 3rd grade by the time that happens!) So it really wasn't an issue up until a few days ago because Brooklyns wasn't even 20 lbs. When we finally weighed her at home and got 20 lbs I put her in the carseat for a short trip and SHE LOVED IT! Her smile was absolutely priceless. She stared outside the window like it was the neatest thing in the world! She was mesmerized just like she was when we rode the Small World ride at Disneyworld.

I'm still torn because she just looks way to small to be in that car seat. And I'm super paranoid and want her in the safest seat possible, but she just loves her front car seat. It's great because it's got a handy cup holder attached that can hold her cups and now I don't have to reach back to give the cup to her and the best part is that she is just so entertained by putting her cup in and out of the holder...BONUS! I have had the new car seat in the Armada for the past month now since her cousin Marcus used it when he was here and I still have the infant carrier in the car. My other dilemma is that I weighed her a day or two later and of course she's back down to 19 lbs 15 ounces. So it's back to the old seat...let's see how long I can go keeping her rear facing. She's going to get bored again.

Brooklyn's other most favorite seat is her pink bouncy and she just loves loves loves it. It's only meant for infants, but my 1 year old begs to differ. It's her TV recliner.

I am wondering if I am going to have to get another bouncy once Baby comes in Janurary because Brooklyn won't want to let baby use hers. Same goes for her Bumbo. Still loves to sit in it and crawl in and out of it. She even puts her stuffed animals in it and has them watch TV with her while she's in her pink bouncy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby #2 Stephenson

Here are our ultrasounds pictures of the little booger.

This image is of her heart beat. It was 164 beats a minute which they say higher the rate the more likely it's a girl.

So the tech said odds are it's a girl and she'd bet money on it but they've been known to be wrong especially so early, so for now we'll call her a little girl! We'd be happy either way!
Check out the log legs she's got!

Here's a shot of her little bum and her crossing her leg

Her hand....

The pics that I love most are the profile shot! Sooo cute!

Like I had mentioned before we found out back in May that we were expecting. A few days before Brooklyn's 1st birthday. I wasn't expecting to even be pregnant and one night while at work a few things occured that made me think, uh oh, what if?! So on my way home from work I had to stop at the store to pick up some diapers. The pregnancy tests were on sale for half off so I thought well might as well test just in case and they were on sale so i wouldn't be as pissed to have wasted full price if it were negative (lord knows how much money gets wasted on negative pregnancy tests! took us a long while to get pregnant with Brooklyn ) So when I got home I ran to the bathroom because I had to go really bad anyway whipped out the test to truly not expect any plus sign to show. When the plus sign came so did the tears. I was SHOCKED! I came out of the bathroom shaking, test in hand. Brett and Brooklyn were there to greet me having had no idea what I just did. Brett looked at me and the stick and said "no way" I stood there crying with happiness, but still shocked. I never expected it really to have been positive, but that's apparently what God wanted for us!

We were both ecstatic! We hugged cried and talked briefly about what just happened and what's about to happen! Brett of course was on his way to work and I left at home to just think about it and take it all in. I told a few people that day, but the hardest part was not telling my parents right away. My parents were supposed to fly in the next day to celebrate Brooklyn's birthday so we planned on telling them in person. It so happened that the next night when they were flying in I was supposed to be at work, but got cancelled so I got to be there at the airport to tell them right away. We dressed brooklyn up in Big sister onesie and stood there as they came past security to greet them.

I had the video recorder out and I think they were intially shocked to just see me there since i was to be at work. My mom went straight for Brooklyn to pick her up not noticing her outfit and Brett and I finally had to point it out to her. She read it...slowly...looked straight at me and the video recorder and said "your pregnant?!" and then Hojo in the background hollared out "what?!" It was priceless and I am so glad I got it on film!

We've known for quite some time and it's still taking a while to soak in. I want to fast foward time so I can meet my new baby, but at the same time I want to slow time because I want to savour every moment and I want Brooklyn to be my baby forever! I don't want Brooklyn to have to grow up any faster. Baby and Brooklyn will only be about 18 to 19 months apart in age...holy cow! I am hoping that's a good thing! I am sure there will be times that's its not the most ideal, but then I have to just look at the positives. Brooklyn will never really known much different then always having her baby sister around. She won't remember the time when it was just her. She'll always have a friend right there with her! Hopefully they stay good friends , thru middle school, junior high, and highschool! UGHHH the thought to the two of them in highschool! Brett and I laughed at the idea of them fighting and lord knows over what. Poor Brett....he got a few conrgatulations / condolense phone calls last night. He's talking about turning one of our condos into his man cave so he can escape too...especially during that time of them month! haha! Oh lord, one day at a time!!!!!! Who knows baby might grow a penis by our next ultra sound!

So here's the pregnant momma...after 3 full meals...that I thankfully didn't lose to the porcelain god.

Each day is getting better. I am fully functional despite getting sick and feeling icky. I have moments where I just want to die, but they subside. Different then pregnant with Brooklyn. I had none of the same early pregnancy symptoms.

Brooklyn's been doing great. I am trying to teach her how to say baby. Her vocab is expanding daily. The last few nights when we have put her to bed we say time to go night night and she'll walk with us to her room chanting "nigh, nigh" of course without the "t" sound. She also said "nigh nigh" last night before I had even brought it up. I guess that's her way of telling me she's tired and wanted to go to bed! She's definitely communitcating well with us. She loves to walk around with my phone and talk talk talk.... she of course has no idea that the phone actually needs to go by her ear, but instead places it behind her head and talks to her arm.

She called her Uncle Roo Roo the other day by accident, so we thought. I had know idea she had actually called someone, which she tends to do because I don't use the lock feature on my phone. Anyway, Uncle Roo Roo talked with her for a few moments and hung up on her to take another phone call, Brooklyn found it rather rude so she called him back. No joke...she really called him back. yeah, I have no idea how she manages to do that!

Alright I better get going...I have a house that still needs to get cleaned and I need to take advantage of sleeping babies!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pregnant with Round Two!

Holy crap!!! Right?! It's still barely even hit me that we are pregnant and we found out back on May 19 that we were expecting!!! I have been more sick then I was with Brooklyn and even starting to show, but I still have to remind myself that we are in fact pregnant. I have even had 3 ultrasounds already for confirmation and since I was still nursing then we weren't sure how far along I was. Our due date is Jan 26th. This afternoon was our 12 week ultrasound and it was just as amazing to see our lil one just like it was last time we did it with Brooklyn. Baby was sleeping and not as active I recall Brooklyn being but baby had hiccups and was kicking around. The tech gave us a 75 percent chance it was a girl and I kinda had that feeling. We will see if they are right with our next ultrasound. So we weren't 'trying' for this to happen, but nonetheless we are elated! If it were up to Brett we would have had baby number 2 already! I love the fact that we are pregnant and I get to go thru this all over again!!!! No sarcasm at all! So I am very excited to officially start our second semester (sorry anj- i mean trimester!) and to share our glorious news with everyone! I am pretty superstitious so I hadn't told too many people til now, although I did find myself telling more people this time around than with Brooklyn, but probably because I was and am still in shock. We are training Brooklyn for sisterhood! If you are a regular follower of this blog you might have caught on to the suttle hints I have been dropping regarding household prep for a new baby and this pregnancy. Also that's the lack of pictures of me... I swear I am showing way quicker!! I avoided bathing suit pics of me from florida cuz I didn't want anyone thinking that I hadn't lost my weight from Brooklyn yet!!! Ugh, I know it sounds vein, but what are you going to do?! Alright, I will post our ultrasound pics when I get home tonight. We are still out and about and in the car! Just love technology!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stephenson Crew Visit

We have all of the Stephenson's at our house the past week and it has been such a treat to have them all here (Minus Grandpa Mike, who did try last minute to catch a flight over the weekend) Brooklyn's Uncle Jamey, Auntie Rhonda, and Cousins Michael and Marcus all came from N. Dakota last weds night. I was lucky enough to have most all the days off except Tuesday to be able to spend with them. Unfortunately Brett had to work everyday expect the weekend and even when he wasn't working he had his class to work and teach and he was still getting over his darn cold! Thursday we went to the AZ Science Center where the boys learned all sorts of new things, including how the digestion system works, complete with visual demonstration! yummy!

The Center had all sorts of exhibits for learning and such and best part was it was all air conditioned!
I think the favorite of the center for all 3 kids was the Lego exhibit. Brooklyn had fun inside the Lego Bin.

When we got back Thursday night we busted out the sprinkler toys and blow up pool for the kids to play in...which got plenty of use throughout the week.

Friday was Rhonda's Birthday and we went to Tumbleweed Park for the kids to play at right before heading to dinner at a Teppanyaki Grill.

The boys weren't quite sure how they felt about the Japanese restaurant at first, but Michael loved the Cooking "show" complete with flames and smoke and Marcus just fell in love with Phyllis the red hair waitress.

It was a priceless moment when Marcus asked Brett to go with him so they could talk with her. He's Three and a Half yrs old! Travis was right when he said he was going to be trouble :)! After dinner we headed back to the house to have cake and ice cream with Jamey and Rhonda's friends from back home that live here now. Saturday we celebrated the fourth by getting Massages and going to lunch, well at least Rhonda and I did while the boys we're in charge of the kiddos. Afterwards we had the Mantles over for a BBQ and some more outdoor fun. Marcus fell in love AGAIN with Ella and threatened to become Travis and Nicole's son-in-law. Speaking of "Sons" CONGRATS to them on their baby BOY! Nicole is due in Nov and they just found out they are having a boy. For fireworks that night we popped some popcorn, packed up the kids and drove to the Walmart Parking lot to watch the firework show at Schnepf Farm all from the back of the Armada. It was a great idea!!! We avoided the crowd and traffic had a great view of the show and we're home no more then 5 minutes after the display, kids in bed and all! Brooklyn's first firework show and she was intrigued for about 5 minutes, pointing and oohing, but then she was back climbing all over the seats and car seats. Sunday we headed over the the local pool/splash pad/waterpark. All 7 of us swam for 2 hours and it only cost $1 for ALL of us to get in! Talk about cheap and great entertainment! Brooklyn's really doing great in the water, she even let us lay her flat on her back now without protesting, in fact she thought is was hilarous getting the back of her head wet. We came home after stopping for ice cream at Sonic and spent the rest of the evening hanging out and watched the Boys movie pick Spiderwick Chronicles. Monday we met Brett for lunch by his work and then headed to Makutu's Island, a HUGE indoor playground very suitable for the boys.

Apparently Marcus didn't trust my judgement and said that it was going to suck when we pulled into the parking lot, but both Michael and Marcus had a great time!!! Climbing all through what seemed like tunnels in the ceiling and going down huge slides. They played hard for about 2 hours. Brooklyn tried keeping up with her older cousins....

but kept getting banished to the kiddie slides.

After our trip to Makutus we headed to Krispie Kreme to pick out a dozen the boys were craving and headed home for some yummy steak dinners followed by some a movie with some friends. I had to work Tuesday night so I laid low all day Tuesday so Brooklyn and I stayed home and Jamey Rhonda and the boys went to the water park and did some shopping afterwards. Sucks that I had to work their last night here, I would have much rather gone shopping and did some swimming! The highlight of the trip was watching Brooklyn bond with her cousins and Auntie and Uncle.

The first morning they were here Brooklyn picked up the video game controller for the XBOX and walked it over to Uncle Jamey who was sitting on the couch just watching TV handed the controller to Jamey, and crawled up on his lap to play with him.

HOW DID SHE KNOW!!!!!! She knew the way to win his heart....INCREDIBLE how smart and intuitive our chickie is!
So despite all the fun things that we got to do and see this week we did manage to log in plenty of Xbox hours for the Stephenson boys and now girlie..... No trip is complete without that! I have to say it was sad to say goodbye to them this afternoon. I really love having family in town especially since we don't have any that live locally. The house was very empty and boring when we got home. I miss the chitter chatter of the boys and the constant bustle. I loved seeing how Marcus and Michael and have grown so much since last October when they were here. They are great kids and Brooklyn is sooo lucky to have such great older cousins to look up to. It's awesome to see how Brooklyn will eventually grow too that and great to pick Jamey and Rhonda's brain on the upcoming milestones and stages Brooklyn has yet to get too. I loved that Brooklyn was well cared for by Rhonda and Jamey and I love even more that I got to sleep in a couple hours in the morning and that I had fight Rhonda on who was going to GET to change Brooklyn's Diaper (trust me I didn't put up a good fight!!) They really need to consider having just one more baby! Thank you guys for visiting and letting us (well at least me) catch up on some much needed sleep! I'm refreshed to start my 4 day stretch of work this weekend! Thanks for putting up and being so understanding with our "illnesses!" PLEASE come visit again soon or you'll be seeing us at your door step!!!

In terms of Brooklyn.....

Brooklyn's finally working her way off the bottle. I know it's a little later then I had originally hoped, but with her being sick after we got back from our trip I didn't want her to go without Milk while trying to ween. After finally figuring out that she prefer cups with straws rather then sippy cups it's been so far so good. I think the hardest part is just not giving into her and going cold turkey. So I'm packing away the bottles and nipples and if she just doesn't drink her milk, oh well, she eventually will. OH why does she have to grow up so fast?!

She's mastering her sign language skills and Auntie Rhonda was really great about teaching her the sign fof "milk" and she's been great about using "more"! Once she got "more" down teaching her "milk" seemed so stinking easy! I am excited to start teaching her others. Our next goal is to ween her from her puppy binkie. And we are talking about taking her out of the crib into a real bed.

I hope to get that done before she's 18 months. We'll see. We've got a while to really stress about that. I'm okay with her just being 13 months and doing what a 13month old should be doing. I'd rather not think of her being 18 months!
Her hair is slowly growing....we're able to get some decent pig tails, but Brett still insists she looks like Old School Jim Carey from his back in the day In living color skits.

In terms of Brett and I....
Brett is starting to finally get over the illness that has taken over our household. I am not looking foward to the weekend and my 4 day stretch of work. Oh well. I had 8 days off last week and then just got back from our Florida vacation no more then 3 weeks ago! I can't complain. And speaking of vacations we just booked our next flight for this Sept! NYC!!!! Now we just have to plan what to do while we are there. Any suggestions? We are going in celebration for my 30th birthday which is in Nov (boooo whooo!) but traveling there over Brett's Birthday in Sept. Going there in November just didn't work out for us so Sept will have to do. It's a bitter sweet excitement I have about going because we won't be taking Brooklyn and that will be the 1st time that I would be away from her. My mom is planning on coming here for the week to watch her. UGhhh, I know I am going to cry leaving her even though I know she is in good hands!
I finally think I got our sitter situation handled! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the one we found works out. I know day cares have their perks with socialization and all that, but I'm just not ready for it. I'm not ready for the germs and colds and bites and pinches from the other kids. Athough I know she should be exposed and that kiddos can learn things, other then biting and pinching, quickly from watching others. But why when we only need someone to watch her one day a week since I am able to watch her the rest of the time. I think she'll turn out fine if she continues to socialize with just Deuce and I :-). I just have to do more Playdates!!!!!!

So that's what we have been up to the last week.... Tah Tah for now!