Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby #2 Stephenson

Here are our ultrasounds pictures of the little booger.

This image is of her heart beat. It was 164 beats a minute which they say higher the rate the more likely it's a girl.

So the tech said odds are it's a girl and she'd bet money on it but they've been known to be wrong especially so early, so for now we'll call her a little girl! We'd be happy either way!
Check out the log legs she's got!

Here's a shot of her little bum and her crossing her leg

Her hand....

The pics that I love most are the profile shot! Sooo cute!

Like I had mentioned before we found out back in May that we were expecting. A few days before Brooklyn's 1st birthday. I wasn't expecting to even be pregnant and one night while at work a few things occured that made me think, uh oh, what if?! So on my way home from work I had to stop at the store to pick up some diapers. The pregnancy tests were on sale for half off so I thought well might as well test just in case and they were on sale so i wouldn't be as pissed to have wasted full price if it were negative (lord knows how much money gets wasted on negative pregnancy tests! took us a long while to get pregnant with Brooklyn ) So when I got home I ran to the bathroom because I had to go really bad anyway whipped out the test to truly not expect any plus sign to show. When the plus sign came so did the tears. I was SHOCKED! I came out of the bathroom shaking, test in hand. Brett and Brooklyn were there to greet me having had no idea what I just did. Brett looked at me and the stick and said "no way" I stood there crying with happiness, but still shocked. I never expected it really to have been positive, but that's apparently what God wanted for us!

We were both ecstatic! We hugged cried and talked briefly about what just happened and what's about to happen! Brett of course was on his way to work and I left at home to just think about it and take it all in. I told a few people that day, but the hardest part was not telling my parents right away. My parents were supposed to fly in the next day to celebrate Brooklyn's birthday so we planned on telling them in person. It so happened that the next night when they were flying in I was supposed to be at work, but got cancelled so I got to be there at the airport to tell them right away. We dressed brooklyn up in Big sister onesie and stood there as they came past security to greet them.

I had the video recorder out and I think they were intially shocked to just see me there since i was to be at work. My mom went straight for Brooklyn to pick her up not noticing her outfit and Brett and I finally had to point it out to her. She read it...slowly...looked straight at me and the video recorder and said "your pregnant?!" and then Hojo in the background hollared out "what?!" It was priceless and I am so glad I got it on film!

We've known for quite some time and it's still taking a while to soak in. I want to fast foward time so I can meet my new baby, but at the same time I want to slow time because I want to savour every moment and I want Brooklyn to be my baby forever! I don't want Brooklyn to have to grow up any faster. Baby and Brooklyn will only be about 18 to 19 months apart in age...holy cow! I am hoping that's a good thing! I am sure there will be times that's its not the most ideal, but then I have to just look at the positives. Brooklyn will never really known much different then always having her baby sister around. She won't remember the time when it was just her. She'll always have a friend right there with her! Hopefully they stay good friends , thru middle school, junior high, and highschool! UGHHH the thought to the two of them in highschool! Brett and I laughed at the idea of them fighting and lord knows over what. Poor Brett....he got a few conrgatulations / condolense phone calls last night. He's talking about turning one of our condos into his man cave so he can escape too...especially during that time of them month! haha! Oh lord, one day at a time!!!!!! Who knows baby might grow a penis by our next ultra sound!

So here's the pregnant momma...after 3 full meals...that I thankfully didn't lose to the porcelain god.

Each day is getting better. I am fully functional despite getting sick and feeling icky. I have moments where I just want to die, but they subside. Different then pregnant with Brooklyn. I had none of the same early pregnancy symptoms.

Brooklyn's been doing great. I am trying to teach her how to say baby. Her vocab is expanding daily. The last few nights when we have put her to bed we say time to go night night and she'll walk with us to her room chanting "nigh, nigh" of course without the "t" sound. She also said "nigh nigh" last night before I had even brought it up. I guess that's her way of telling me she's tired and wanted to go to bed! She's definitely communitcating well with us. She loves to walk around with my phone and talk talk talk.... she of course has no idea that the phone actually needs to go by her ear, but instead places it behind her head and talks to her arm.

She called her Uncle Roo Roo the other day by accident, so we thought. I had know idea she had actually called someone, which she tends to do because I don't use the lock feature on my phone. Anyway, Uncle Roo Roo talked with her for a few moments and hung up on her to take another phone call, Brooklyn found it rather rude so she called him back. No joke...she really called him back. yeah, I have no idea how she manages to do that!

Alright I better get going...I have a house that still needs to get cleaned and I need to take advantage of sleeping babies!


Riecke's said...

LOG legs? hee hee. I think it's a boy. Are they only basing it on heartrate?!?!?!?!? Do you work tomorrow? Tonight? wanna do breakfast tomorrow?

John, Erin and Jaxon said...

congratulations! I am so excited for you...all these girls!! Jaxon is going to have so many girlfriends! We can't wait to meet her! Congratulations!!

Casey said...

What a great story Mae...we are soo excited for you!

Nicole said...

so I guess Brett needs to retire from the baby gender prediction business because he hasn't been too successful lately :) Congrats! I think it will be so fun for you to have another little girl...and like you said, maybe something will grow by your next I know you guys won't share the name, but do you have one picked out yet?

Our Family said...

Wow! Gongrats!
Tal and Glenn

The Newmans said...

Congrats! That is very exciting for your family!

Alex said...

I just love your blog Mae (I saw the link on Anjee's), Brooklyn is soooo adorable!! Congrats on baby #2!!