Thursday, July 30, 2009

Copy Cat

Brooklyn's caught on to following our every move. Last night we were attempting to displine her during meal time (she was throwing what she didn't want to eat on the floor for deuce). We kind have always avoided using the word no and instead say "ahuh" while shaking our head side to side in a no fashion. Instead of following our command she followed our motion and shook her head side to side and said "uhhh". ALREADY she is starting to mock us?! :) We laughed, of course bad reaction because that just encouraged her!


Anonymous said...

Too funny! time we get together I'll teach you a bunch of other ways to mess with the dna donaters. Remind me! And continue sharing your strategies of messing with them. Oh what fun we will have. :-) AMAYA

The West Family said...

That is too funny. Kate does the same thing with her food. When she is done the dogs get lots of goodies. You don't realize what a mess they make until you eat out and there are no dogs to clean up the food on the floor!