Monday, July 27, 2009


We hired a sitter yesterday to start next week. YAY! I have her overlapping with Lily, just in case, but my gut instinct tells me she is going to be great! We did a ton of interviews yesterday and Saturday and I am glad to say that we really liked all of them and that we would have been okay with any of them so then it came down to who we liked most and it wasn't about settling for just anyone! The process wasn't as awful as I thought it would be and I am so glad to know that I had options. The crappy economy and rise in unemployment actually works out in my favor. I still have people sending me messages regarding the job even though it's filled. One lady emailed me asking if I would be willing to send Brooklyn to her home cause she home schools her kids and I responded back that sending her somewhere was not an option. Then she wrote back that she would be okay leaving her kids at home by themselves for the day since they were middle school age and come to my house to watch Brooklyn. Is that an appropriate age to live your kids alone all day? Hmmm...too each is own. She didn't make the interviews...but interesting situtation for her! Anyway, if any of my Queen Creek neighbors are looking for some sitters I kept the contact info for the ones we liked and the ones we background checked for short notice situations or other sitting issues that might come up.

I am starting to actually feel pregnant now. I am showing and needing to get my maternity clothes down from the attic, maninly for my bella band! I swear I feel her moving around a bit, but they say that it's too early. I am getting better about the time spent with my head in the toilet. I am tired more so then I just normally am and love nap time! Occasionally simple tasks that I do make me feel winded like I just ran around the block.

Brooklyn is great. We headed to the pool on Friday and she of course loved it. She even loves to wear her sunglasses around...inside the house.

We made her a fort the other day while folding laundry up...and her she is thinking it was the greatest thing in the world.....Oh to be 1 years old!

She loves building things with her blocks and can do so for forever.

(check out the hair and 'fro she is sporting!....I wouldn't have guessed I would have a daughter with curly hair!)
She is very proud of her creations and walks them over to us with pride to show us what's she put together.

And here she is with her newest favorite thing in the world...Dora's play house.

All this play time keeps her soo busy she barely has time for her naps :-) Can you tell she's ready for a nap?

The other day she had a full on conversation with the dog. I was rolling with laughter because the 2 of them carried on and on like they understood each other. Deuce would bark at her and she would talk right at him...of course what she would say sounded like chinese, but he would wait for her to finish her "sentence" and he would bark right back at her. I wonder if they really think they understand each other!?!

Brooklyns vocab has expanded. She says Hi, DaDa, occasionally Mama, Uh oh, Nigh Nigh and Tay Ti (which is her version of Thank you, which we finally figured out she was saying cause she only said it in reponse to you handing or giving her something. Which we always said to her when she give us things or handed things to her. Pays to have manners! We are proud parents!

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John, Erin and Jaxon said...

So glad you found someone...if ever in a pinch I am always home so Brett could always drop her off on the way to work to Play with Jaxon! Oh the life of a stay at home glamorous! ha! And Jax loves forts too...we actually bought him a tent from was around $13 and he LOVES it! Just an FYI!