Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pregnant with Round Two!

Holy crap!!! Right?! It's still barely even hit me that we are pregnant and we found out back on May 19 that we were expecting!!! I have been more sick then I was with Brooklyn and even starting to show, but I still have to remind myself that we are in fact pregnant. I have even had 3 ultrasounds already for confirmation and since I was still nursing then we weren't sure how far along I was. Our due date is Jan 26th. This afternoon was our 12 week ultrasound and it was just as amazing to see our lil one just like it was last time we did it with Brooklyn. Baby was sleeping and not as active I recall Brooklyn being but baby had hiccups and was kicking around. The tech gave us a 75 percent chance it was a girl and I kinda had that feeling. We will see if they are right with our next ultrasound. So we weren't 'trying' for this to happen, but nonetheless we are elated! If it were up to Brett we would have had baby number 2 already! I love the fact that we are pregnant and I get to go thru this all over again!!!! No sarcasm at all! So I am very excited to officially start our second semester (sorry anj- i mean trimester!) and to share our glorious news with everyone! I am pretty superstitious so I hadn't told too many people til now, although I did find myself telling more people this time around than with Brooklyn, but probably because I was and am still in shock. We are training Brooklyn for sisterhood! If you are a regular follower of this blog you might have caught on to the suttle hints I have been dropping regarding household prep for a new baby and this pregnancy. Also that's the lack of pictures of me... I swear I am showing way quicker!! I avoided bathing suit pics of me from florida cuz I didn't want anyone thinking that I hadn't lost my weight from Brooklyn yet!!! Ugh, I know it sounds vein, but what are you going to do?! Alright, I will post our ultrasound pics when I get home tonight. We are still out and about and in the car! Just love technology!


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The West Family said...

Holy cow!!! That is awesome! So happy for you guys. What a surprise. Congratulations.

Riecke's said...

2nd sememster? Is this baby in school already? :) Good seeing you. We need to do lunch. Although our friggin' schedules never let us do anything anymore!