Friday, July 31, 2009

SOLD!!! (then bought!)

We put our spare room furniture on craigslist yesterday and this evening we sold the whole set plus the TV. They got a slamming deal if you ask me! We are starting our clean out/clean up process for baby and our next plan is to start painting the room. Although we haven't agreed on a color we have agreed to yet again avoid pink. About 5 mins after we sold the furniture we headed out to buy a baby swing. We were blessed to be able to borrow Will's swing for Brooklyn (thanks again Riecke family!) and had one upstairs and one downstairs which was great and extremely convenient!! But since Will is expecting his little sister a couple months before our baby makes her arrival we knew we had to get a new one. The swing was so great for Brooklyn that Brett and I both agreed early on that we had to have one for the next baby. Plus its nice being spolied with 2 swings! Anyway to justify my splurge I found the swing on craiglist for a great price! I can't justify full price on the swing since we won't need it after this baby and it's technically our second! So we headed down the street to check it out and make our first baby#2 purchase! Money earned was money spent shortly after! Story of my life!

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