Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Mani Pedi's

Brett is out enjoying a round a golf with a friend... Though I don't know how you can enjoy it since its probably over 100 degrees already and it is only 930. Brooklyn and I are enjoying our freshly manicured nails! It is our day of rest here so I thought what a great way to start by pampering ourselves! Brooklyn sat still as she got her pedi done. I was impressed! She even sat still to let them dry and not get nail polish all over the couch and carpet! It is amazing what I can get done with Lilo and Stitch on in the background. She got a new toy from Brett's district manager Heather the other day that she just loves! Heather's daughter apparently outgrew the Dora stage and has very kindly passed on hey toys to Brooklyn. Brooklyn has been playing non stop with her new adorable Dora dollhouse. I think I love it just as much as she does because she is soo entertained and literally has sat there for hours playing. AMAZING! Our day or rest continues with more interviews for sitters and just relaxing. Slowly but surely the laundry will get put away! Yesterday was cleaning day with yard work and all! It's nice lounging around knowing the house is actually somewhat clean! I need to start interviews for a cleaning lady! Wish us luck to finally find a sitter! I liked a few of the girls from yesterday and hope our interviews go as well today as they did yesterday. I like having choices!

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