Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well Seated

I've been struggling over when to put Brooklyn in her foward facing car seat over the past few weeks. I know the recommendations is to have her in it after the 1 year and 20 lb mark, but the more research I do I find that the American Pediatric Association say to keep them rear facing until she hits the max weight on the infant carrier. (Which ours is 32 lbs, but lets be honest, I bet Brooklyn will be in 3rd grade by the time that happens!) So it really wasn't an issue up until a few days ago because Brooklyns wasn't even 20 lbs. When we finally weighed her at home and got 20 lbs I put her in the carseat for a short trip and SHE LOVED IT! Her smile was absolutely priceless. She stared outside the window like it was the neatest thing in the world! She was mesmerized just like she was when we rode the Small World ride at Disneyworld.

I'm still torn because she just looks way to small to be in that car seat. And I'm super paranoid and want her in the safest seat possible, but she just loves her front car seat. It's great because it's got a handy cup holder attached that can hold her cups and now I don't have to reach back to give the cup to her and the best part is that she is just so entertained by putting her cup in and out of the holder...BONUS! I have had the new car seat in the Armada for the past month now since her cousin Marcus used it when he was here and I still have the infant carrier in the car. My other dilemma is that I weighed her a day or two later and of course she's back down to 19 lbs 15 ounces. So it's back to the old seat...let's see how long I can go keeping her rear facing. She's going to get bored again.

Brooklyn's other most favorite seat is her pink bouncy and she just loves loves loves it. It's only meant for infants, but my 1 year old begs to differ. It's her TV recliner.

I am wondering if I am going to have to get another bouncy once Baby comes in Janurary because Brooklyn won't want to let baby use hers. Same goes for her Bumbo. Still loves to sit in it and crawl in and out of it. She even puts her stuffed animals in it and has them watch TV with her while she's in her pink bouncy.

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The West Family said...

I loved it when Kate started riding forward! You can turn around and see her pretty little face whenever you want. :-) Agree that you should do the safest thing, but we didn't have a problem hitting the 20 lb mark by age 1 so we turned her around right after her birthday. :-)