Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday and Painting Parties

Yesterday afternoon we joined Brooklyn and her friends to celebrate Kate's 2nd Birthday! She had a Dora themed party and obviously Brooklyn was stoked about that. She wouldn't let go of the invitation. Here she is in her party dress, ready to get the show on the road! (I swear she was very excited for the party...the picture just didn't capture her excitement!!!)

Here's the Birthday girl Kate, taking a swing at Dora's Pinata!

Jaxon's mommy had to help him out...I think he knew deep down there was something wrong with swinging a golf club at a girl! WHAT A GUY!!!

After Dora spilled her insides out, Brooklyn just stood there staring at all the goodies. She had no idea what to do or what she was missing out on.

She loved the bounce house that they had set up. Brooklyn climbed up inside and let the bigger kids do all the work and bounce up and down and she just sat there getting the aftermath bounces and loving it.

Happy Birthday Kate!!!! Thanks for having us at your birthday party! We hope you had a wonderful birthday!

The theme of the weekend was cleaning, organizing and painting. We got 3 walls of the nursery done and by the time we came home from Kate's birthday bash Brett had painted the upstairs hallway with the left over paint. BEST HUBBIE EVER!!!! After spending all afternoon doing yard work in the hot sun he managed to paint the hallway also. DID I tell you how much I LOVE YOU and APPRECIATE you Brett!? It's an off white/cream color that I really liked after we got the nursery done. It looks great in the hallway also instead of the stark white wall we did have with all it's scuff marks. Slowly the white walls in our home will all get painted. All we really have left are the upstairs bathrooms, stairway (which who wants to do that!?), laundry room, and kitchen (again, who the heck wants to do the 2 story ceiling and shelving in there!?)
Here's a picture of the painting in process

and what we have finished so far....

It's hard to see the difference in wall colors, but it is noticable against stark white.
The back wall will be a light turquoise-y blue. We are getting white furniture for Baby girl's room and the bedding is light blue and beige with a fleur-de-lis pattern making it feminine and not masculine. I know you all are thinking why I am I painting my Baby GIRL'S room blue? I do like pink and purples, but struggle purchasing those colors for my girls because I know in the future our world will be flooded with all things pink, lacey, flowery, and girly. Especially since God is blessing us with TWO girls! I like to avoid it since I have the say and control over them right now.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crying vs SCREAMING!

Last night Brett and I were woken up at 230am by Brooklyn SCREAMING. It's just not your normal crying that she does every once in a while, it was pure on SCREAMING. At first I thought the volume on our monitor was just set too high magnifying her, but when I turned it all the way down there was no doubting the noise. So normally Brooklyn wakes up every so often crying and upset about something, but we've made it our parenting plan to let her be and let her sort her self out. It's not the easiet not checking on her, but we didn't want her getting use to us going to her everytime she cries and learning to do it to get our attention. (she's now at that age!) For the most part Brooklyn falls right back to sleep, and I can figure that she's normally crying cause she can't find her puppy binkie in the bed. The crying at night only last a minute or so and maybe occurs a couple times a week. I also found that if I did check on her at night it only escalates the issue and she then wants to get up out of her crib and be held. So we've done great with our plan until last night. We caved, Brett got up with her to check on her and handed her off to me since he had a 6 am golfing tee time. I held her in her rocker. SO much of me wanted to take her to our room and let her sleep with us, but I knew deep down that would be catastrophic. The minute she got picked up she acting like nothing was wrong. She was up, chit chatting with me, pointing at nearly everything in her room asking "was at" (what's that) or "at ta" (which I've finally figured is her way of saying I want that.) She was wanting her books and then at some point was calling for Deuce (which I am sure Deuce heard her and was thinking no way am I going to play with her right now, she's being ridiculous, it's 230 am!) After about 10 minutes I established that she was absolutely fine and concluded she just had her first night terror. I laid her back in her bed laid myself back in bed, for her to whimper and cry for a few minutes more and then we both finally fell back asleep. I have to say that the last time that we truly had to wake up in the middle of the night due to her crying was when she was maybe 3 months old and I was still nursing her in the middle of the night. When I went back to work we cut that middle of the night feeding out and she slept great from 11 pm til about 5 or 6 am. I guess I can't complain about last nights events then! Having to get up for 10 to 15 minutes or so wasn't too bad. Good thing I was too exhausted to stress about something possibly being wrong. I hear night terrors happen at this age and have learned that from my friends experiences! Thanks everyone....if it hadn't happen to you all first I probably would have been up all night with her!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just like the pro's do it!

As much as I hate painting the textured walls that nearly every house here in AZ has, I didn't mind it at all today. Brett and I got it done during Brooklyn's nap! Granted we only did 3 walls, but that was on purpose. Once we get the the baby bedding in we will be able to pick out the accent wall color. Setting up the nursery "project" is on its way!! Next is buying a crib and a dresser. We will have to change out the bedding on the guest bed also to match the nursery motif. For now the new nursery will keep the guest bed for visitors. At least until we come up with a better plan, the girls are ready to share a room, Brett is ready to give up his office, or we move. I hope our visitors don't mind rooming in with the baby. Hopefully she figures out how to sleep through the night quickly :)!!! It felt great to start the nursery! Painting was theraputic. Good instant results. Brett's now motivated to paint the hallway upstairs..and he wants to do it tomorrow afternoon. We'll see if these painting pro's manage that! (Brooklyn and I have a birthday party to get to!)

Friday, August 28, 2009

My New Favorite

I love this video. It's everything I feel for Brooklyn and Baby. I hope you enjoy it as much as me (and maybe not cry as much as me...but I have preggo hormones to blame :-)!!!)

BIG sister

Brooklyn had her 15 month check up on weds and that was her first time at the Doctors office that she acted terrified. And that was all before her FIVE shots she got. The shots were horrible especially since I had to hold her down and it looked like I was the bad guy. If she's gonna cry anyhow because of the shot why can't they bring someone else in to pin her down so they are the bad guys and I can be the good guy that comes to her rescue?! She's looking great with her weight gain and growth. 20# 3 oz and 29 inches. Close to falling off the bottom of the growth curve in terms of weight, but that's okay. She had a slight temp yesterday and didn't want to eat much of anything and I am going to chalk that one up to the immunizations. Last night I was supposed to have worked so it was a day on the couch resting and playing with her from that supine position on the couch. She also watched all of Lilo and Stitch from start to finish complete with commercials and I felt a little guility she didn't get much Mommy time. I then got pushed back til 11 (to then be cancelled which was great since I am not ready to be working right now and would like a week off and that 's what I got!) so Brett and I took Brooklyn to the store to get her some new toys. I wanted to get her a baby doll with accessories to start the training process of a new baby in the house. She picked out a baby girl doll and her accessories came in a really cute back pack which she wore thru the store, got pissed when we went to go check out and had to take it off, wore it thru the parking lot, and then was angry when she had to take it off for the car ride.

She was very anxious to get the baby doll out of it's packaging and played very well with it. I'm just amazed that she knew to take the toy bottle and sippy cup and put it right up to the baby's mouth, so she sat with the baby trying to feed her. And then was trying to feed her with a fork....funny cause I can't even get her to feed herself with a fork! I helped her put the baby in the stoller and she was pushing her around and carrying her everywhere.

Way too cute! Now when baby comes I just have to make sure she doesn't think she can really do all these things with her baby sister.

Last night while I was getting Brooklyn ready for bed and we were doing our routine of reading books and jumping on Mommy and Daddy's bed, Brooklyn did her funny thing of the day. I had Dirty Dancing on TV in the background. Brett and I were trying to pry her off our bed when she started to swing her arms back and forth and wouldn't lift her concentration from the TV. When we looked at what she was staring at it was the dance scence at the Sheldrake where the couple was performing on stage. Brooklyn was trying to imitate their moves and was swinging her arms and moving her hips. Another moment I wish I had the video camara rolling! I guess I will have to dust off my VHS copy of Dirty Dancing and see is Brooklyn can perform again.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wanna see our Baby?

We had our 18 week ultrasound yesterday afternoon. It's confirmed! A baby GIRL to complete our family. We're not surprised since they strongly hinted it with our 12 week ultrasound. Time to prep for baby girl! I havent had much luck getting Brooklyn to say "baby" maybe I will have better luck with "Sister." Here's her profile shot.

Here's the girl parts! I asked the ultrasound tech not say anything until the end because I wanted to see if I would be able to tell and there were certainly no man parts to be found.

Her little tootsies.

Her hand, waving at us, saying "Hi Mommy and Daddy, I'm fine in here!

Normally I am not a fan of the 3D images because they look like more like aliens, but this time I was pleasently shocked at how they turned out.

This is my favorite picture of the bunch. Baby girl seems very cozy in there....

Just like with Brooklyn, Brett and I aren't sharing her name even though it's been picked out for forever. We have to save some element of surprise for everyone right?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


People with way too much money would consider this a great buy....

If you can't tell what it's a Gucci Baby carrier. Yeap, that's right I said GUCCI. Best part about it was that I found it on on SALE for $605! I know what I want for christmas :)! Alright, so I have been guilty for splurging on designer items in the past and I am sure that I will one day splurge again, but I draw the line here. I don't need my baby sling to match my purse. ESPECIALLY for $605! Brett thinks I am spoiled with my designer duds and splurges ....wait til I tell him I want this!! HAHA...I don't even think he would respond to my ridiculous request and instead completely ignore me while asking himself "why me lord?!"
Then you have to wonder, what if you had your baby in this crazy designer apparatus and he or she decides to have the poop blow out of the century or even regurge their green peas and sweet potatoes from earlier? Would you be concerned for the baby or your Gucci carrier? Alright, so I am not against having a nice baby sling/carrier and I am definitely not opposed to Gucci, it's when you combine the two is where I have the problem....although I do like the Gucci Diaper bag..hehe.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


After weeks of research and hunting we finally booked a hotel for our vacation to New York.

Since Brett or I have never been to New York it's been a little overwhelming on the all the choices and different areas to stay at. After talking nearly everyone about where and what we finally narrowed our choice of area to midtown/theatre district.

Please note the close proximity to Fifth Ave Shopping. Even though we are going over Brett's birthday weekend we are going to celebrate my 30th birthday so I am pretty sure I will get my way on how much shopping we're going to do.
Now that we actually have a plan on where to stay we have to plan what we are going to do while we are there. Any suggestions?! What's a must see and where's a must go to to eat(that's my main concern since food and this baby that's feasting off of me is always on my mind)?

This is a room picture off of the hotel's website.

Doesn't look to shabby of a place and we truly don't have too high of expectations even though we're paying a pretty penny (but you pay a pretty penny to shack up at the YMCA when you stay at Manhantan). Who know's if our room will actually measure up to what's shown in the picture. Brett and I were both hesitant on booking, but we found a good deal. It's a hotel neither of us have heard of with a not so common "chain" name like Hilton or Hyatt. We also booked off of Never heard of it, but after some research we took the plunge and booked last night. Oy Vey, it could make our break our vacation! hehe! We plan on seeing the city so I guess who cares what our hotel room looks like. I just want a nice clean bathroom is all. I'll be prepared with shower flip flops and chlorox wipes :)

Friday, August 21, 2009


I have lots of other things to do right now (like sleep) but its so hard to not get wrapped up on all the new seasons of TV shows. DVD Season 3 of Dexter just came out on Tuesday and Brett and I are so hooked we've made it thru 4 episodes already. I am very tempted to start episode 5 while he's sleeping right now!...maybe I can just play dumb when we sit down together to watch it :). Right now I am watching Flipping Out so I don't need to trick my hubbie. I am also excited for the new Top Chef season, but what's with all the tattooed chefs this season? I also got hooked on Gulianna and Bill, I don't know why I am so intrigued by their lives. Reality TV, so my weakness. Tonight, since insomnia has kicked in on top of horrible cravings for food not stocked in my fridge freezer or pantry and an upset stomach, I have found myself wrapped into the shows kendra as well as kourtney and khloe take miami. I have no shame...nor am I embarrassed to admit my guilty pleasures! Good thing the hubbie sleeps like a rock and doesn't mind the TV on right now!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Splash Pad

This afternoon Brooklyn and I met Brett and the Riecke Crew at San Tan Village to hang out at the kiddie splash pad. I completely forgot to take pictures once Will and his parents came. Guess I was too busy chatting to whip out the camara. I did manage to take some pictures before they got there though.

Brooklyn had fun, took her a little bit to warm up to the water, but once she did she was all about it.

It's still pretty toasty here in AZ. Too bad I didn't have my swim suit also because I would be right up in the water with Brooklyn.

I've had the last few days off. Tomorrow I have designated as cleaning day before I have to go back to work for 3 days. Hopefully I stay motivated enough to clean tomorrow and not give in to the temptation to nap when Brooklyn does. (that's been a real problem lately!)

Brooklyn continues to amaze Brett and I every day. She CONSTANTLY makes us laugh with all her new tricks. Today I taught her to show me her muscles. Sorry no pictures at this point, so you'll have to just imagine via my description. When I ask where her muscles are she throws her arms up in the air in her attempt to flex her biceps and grunts. Then tonight during dinner Brett taught her to add the "Heisman" pose after she flexes her muscles. She doesn't quite get the one arm straight up one arm bent down by her head thing so instead she tenses up and throws both arms straight up over her head, palms open, and grimaces. Hilarous! Those are the times that I wish my camara was ready to go to snap pics!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Clean Cut and Well Groomed

Proof for Leslee that our Brooklyn doesn't get neglected.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hairy Sunday

Brett woke up at the butt crack of dawn to go golfing. Brooklyn and I woke up a few hours later to have our usual Sunday pancakes. Played a little bit, well Brooklyn played, while I started my Sunday ritual of cleaning. At about 10 she went went down for a nap and I laid down myself only to wake up at about 12 in time for lunch. Brett had already completed his Sunday yard work ritual. For lunch I feasted on left overs from my Filipino dinner the night before. Yummy. After lunch we ran errands. The highlight of our Sunday was Brett's haircut. He's known the girl that cuts his hair for years so she makes house calls now. Nice, huh? I wish my stylist can make house calls. Maybe I would get a haircut more then 2 times a year then. Speaking, of hair, Brooklyn's remains curly and all over the place. Although this evening while she was playing I did finally manage to pull her curls into a pony tail.

This is very much a milestone in our home! She still has baby hair that is growing in that is way shorter then the rest so she'll be sporting the natural layered look for a while.

The peek and seek toy that you see in the picture has become one of her favorites lately. Thank you Mantle Family for that great birthday present!!! She a pro at getting the shapes all into it's right spots and it's become a race to see how fast she can do it in. Once she gets them all in she claps and bounces with delight. She's very proud of are we.
Her other favorite toy is her "Bah-Pah" modeled after the cartoon character Dora's backpack. She hasn't quite figured out how to open it yet, so she'll bring it up to us to have us do it and if we're not paying attention we'll get smacked in the face with it as she lifts it up to us.

Brett wanted to spoil Brooklyn a little bit more then she already is and after dinner last night took her to the store to have her pick out a new Kai Lan doll. Here she is on the drive home. Wouldn't let it go even in the box still.

All in all it was a great laid back weekend. We did our normal rituals and didn't stray too far from it. Of course Deuce continued in the same fashion......

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'll take a mojito please! Extra Sweet!

The cravings have hit me hard lately. On my way to work I wanted a Frozen Margarita with Salt to go with a sushi assortment. Of course all things that I can't have. As I got to work my margarita craving turned into a mojito craving. Then I talked about Filipino food and wanted everything I can't have, don't know how to cook, or have no access too! To my Filipino family that loves me....please send food! Not my request but Baby's. He or She would like Beef Nilaga (Auntie Rose's version), Fish, Halo Halo, Crispy Pata, Kare Kare, Balut (JUST KIDDING), Arroz Caldo (Auntie Emma's verison), Palabok, Jollibee, Brazo de Mercedes (is that the correct name?!), Siopao (I ate my last one on Thursday Mom!), Mango Shakes, and Kalderetta. Just to name a few! Ughh the cravings are gonna be the end of me! Guess my mom is going to be busy in my Kitchen next month :-)! For now I will have to convince Brett to take me to Barrio Fiesta....and on my way home I am going to stop at McDonalds for a bacon egg and cheese biscuit!

Friday, August 14, 2009

In the words of Brooklyn Joy

"Bah Pah"...Back Pack
"D" or "Deese"...Deuce
"Dad-da"...Dad (sometimes used for Mommy if Daddy is no where to be found)
"WAS AT!" (Said with a VERY high pitch)... What's that (and often said while
pointing at the object in question)
"Tay Ti"...Thank you
"Woo Woo"... Puppy binkie (went as her identifier for a puppy sounds to simply her puppy binkie)
"uh oh"...Uh oh (often heard when she falls or she sees someone fall or drop something)
"Nigh Nigh"...night night (a great indicator for nap or bed time)
"Ma Ma"...Mommy (a rare word, but warms my heart when heard!)
"HI"...Hi (simply spoken!)

So we have 12 words down packed! She's very much a talker. We're up to 4 words for signing. More, Milk, All Done (this one is new, and needs working on) and Bye Bye (I count this one cause it's technically signing, right?!)

These are often the sounds that fill our house along with just toddler jibber jabber which makes no sense to me, LOUD squeals of delight, and the cries of despair when nothing is going her way. Nap times are nice, quiet, and very welcomed :). When I have to sleep during the day time and have Hillary here to sit I take full advantage of ear plugs.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Leslee thinks my Brooklyn is unkept and dishevelled requiring a Mommy that knows how to manage her unruly hair.

I don't seem to think much is wrong with the way it looks, but Leslee thinks otherwise and states "she is embarassed for me!" She is asking for the help of others for suggestions on how to better manage her curls. Please Twitter us with your advice and tips....
p.s. we don't have twitter, but your comments are very much appreciated!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The last few pictures of Brooklyn that have been posted don't really depict the very very happy child of ours. She's such a busy body lately that it's been hard to catch a picture of her smiling and that's not anything she does on command. Last week I did manage to snap some pics off my phone that I needed to post just so you see that we do have a happy and not so serious baby!

By the way...those are shoes that I would not have picked out myself to go with the outfit. She pulled those from her shoe drawer and insisted on getting them on.


I realize that Brett has very little spotlight on him in the blog and that's not to discredit his importance in our everyday life. I know many of you read this and think, gosh I wonder what's up with him. Well, from the eyes and voice of his wifey- he's doing great, over worked, but great! He works nearly everyday, lately it's been 6 days a week at Chase plus his online teaching with University of Phoenix which is pretty much everyday. He is on Daddy duty on the nights I work,which include dinner, after dinner play time, bath time, and then get Brooklyn to bed. He's great with Brooklyn and claims to be her favorite, as well as Deuce's. He's definitely my favorite! I put him to work at home even on his days off and when he has a day off that he has deemed his "day of rest" he ends up cleaning the spare room and office with me, mowing the lawn, edging the lawn, fertilizing the lawn (dog poop clean up is involved there also), and climbing up in the attic which is probably a good 125 degrees and listening to me from the ladder hollar at him which box I need him to pull down, which of course is the least accessible. Then since he's got the ladder out he might as well switch out the AC filters and dust the vents out. Oh, and I can't forget he managed to do a load of laundry, fold it and it away. Who can ask for anything better!? Little nagging was involved on my part! I think everyday that I am the luckiest wife ever! I know he is desperately looking forward desperately to football season to start and then I know on Sundays he truly won't be leaving the couch, well only to check online how he is doing in his fantasy football leagues. For our trip to New York we got tickets to see Yankees vs Red Sox at Yankee stadium...on his birthday. What a great game to get to see! He manages to take in a round of golf every so often (twice this last month) with some guys from work and the other day had Travis over to watch UFC. He's getting taking care of! So there you have it....Brett's update

Monday, August 10, 2009

16 weeks.

I hit 16 weeks today. Yikes! This is going by way to fast. I need to slow time.
I have little to complain about any more. Other then headaches and not sleeping well. It's falling asleep that's the issue. Once I do finally get to sleep I can sleep for 12 hours if a little someone would let me. I will admit that this has been a pregnancy with more ailments than pregnant with Brooklyn. But given the big picture of everything that I could be complaining about or wrong, I'm really rather happy how great I feel!

Brooklyn's proving everyday how quickly time flies. She picks ups on so much and attempts to repeat plenty of what we have to say. It's not consistant, but when she does it's hilarous! Yesterday I taught her where her toes were and where mine were. Of course she'll only point to her right big toe even if her left foot is more accessible. Maybe she thinks she only has one toe?! We'll work on that. And then today I taught her where her teeth were. All FOUR of them. Yeap, she still ONLY has 4 teeth, but she is working on #5 and #6. They have popped out, but you really have to look to see them. Here she is showing me her teeth.

And here are some other random pictures from today.

Happy Anniversary to my parents Trini and Hojo! They've been married for many many years (I forgot how many!) I want to say 19 years....but forgive me if I am off a year or two. I also forgot to send your anniversary card in time. I'll get around to that! Dang...the fetus is sucking my brain cells.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Little Picasso

After our now sunday morning tradition of blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes (it's been 2 weeks now) I set Brooklyn up for some art time.
Here's my the next little Picasso hard work on her masterpiece.

We've been on clean up mode at the house lately. With the main concentration on the spare room. Once we confirm the baby's gender we'll get the bedding and start painting on the room. I have it all figured out if it is indeed a girl, bedding paint and furniture. If it turns out to be a boy that will throw us for a real loop, but I think we'd welcome that curve ball anyday. We've been cleaning out all useless stuff that we have accumulated over the years. Thank goodness I don't have a basement, because I know it would be just full at this point with useless crap. I can't say the same for the 3rd stall garage though! That'll be the next project once it cools off. For now it's working on the spare room and Brooklyn's room. I was going to have Brett climb into the attic to put Brooklyn's baby stuff away, but why bother when it's gonna come back down in 6 months. So that's our sunday funday. I have the last 6 days off, well technically I went in on Thursday night, but got to go home early for a low census and because I have been battling an awful headache the whole time.

Our next few months are going to be crazy busy. Between our trip to New York, friends and family visits and then of course just everyday life I decided to enroll Brooklyn in some classes. She's taking up swimming again for a few weeks before it cools off to where we can't swim much and then we have 2 different sorta tiny tots gymnastics type classes. It's more just play time and exploring with other kiddos, but it gets her socialization and gets us out of the house. I hope that she can start to learn to play with others while not being so attached to my side. I figure with the baby coming soon now is a good time to do these things since life will yet again change as we know it in 6 months!

Last night brought me good taste of what it would be like with 2 toddlers. Travis and Ella came over last night to watch the UFC fight. Ella's mommy wasn't feeling great so she wasn't able to come over. So while Travis watched the fights Brooklyn Ella and I played. I figured out that Ella and Brooklyn are exact age difference in months that Brooklyn and Baby will be. We read books, watched the Little Mermaid, and played with all of Brooklyn's toys. Brooklyn and Ella had a blast and the two of them would just feed off each other. One would say something that the other thought was funny and would chuckle and vice versa. I was too busy playing with the kids to get a chance to snap pictures. Sad cause there was some great photo ops! Had a little taste of what life might be like down the road. Makes me not so nervous and think...yes we can do this!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Making Martha Stewart proud!

Alright, so it's not some huge secret that I am not a fan of cooking, but I'm not completely lost in the kitchen either. I know my way around...somewhat. I like to try new recipes and I think my lack of enthusiasm in the kitchen really comes from lack of time. The past 3 months have also kept me away from the kitchen since shortly after I would be visiting the bathroom to hang my head over the toilet, but I will spare you those details. I've been feeling better lately and I've made a conscious effort to cook more. This afternoon brought a really good oppurtunity for me to try out some baking skills. Brooklyn was sent a HUGE shipment of blueberries from my Auntie Ida and Uncle Jun in Chicago. SO many blueberries and I know if we let her Brooklyn would devour all 10 lbs of them one sitting. In order to avoid that I have been on the hunt of some good recipes involving blueberries. I attempted the classic blueberry muffin (with a lemon zest!)this afternoon. Not tricky by any means, but the recipe was called "Big Beautiful Muffins" and they weren't kidding! I had pulled them out of the oven right when Brett was walking in from work (perfect Donna Reed moment, just that I wasn't wearing an apron) and he found me standing in front of my baking creation in complete awe. Big and Beautiful...they weren't kidding! Completely different then the boxed muffin mix that I usually assemble. I was sold right then and there to make everything by scratch! I made Brett grab my camara so I can document my great achievement. And here's the result.

Brett thought it was riduculous that I wanted to capture this on film, but I was truly rather impressed. Again, not a hard recipe to follow so I am sure many "martha stewarts" out there are chuckling at my feat, but this was indeed a proud moment for me. I've found my way back into the kitchen after 3 months of wanting to neglect it's existance. Good thing I don't have a picky eater for a hubbie! It makes cooking that much more fun because I know he'll eat just about anything that I put in front of him....poor guy!