Monday, August 10, 2009

16 weeks.

I hit 16 weeks today. Yikes! This is going by way to fast. I need to slow time.
I have little to complain about any more. Other then headaches and not sleeping well. It's falling asleep that's the issue. Once I do finally get to sleep I can sleep for 12 hours if a little someone would let me. I will admit that this has been a pregnancy with more ailments than pregnant with Brooklyn. But given the big picture of everything that I could be complaining about or wrong, I'm really rather happy how great I feel!

Brooklyn's proving everyday how quickly time flies. She picks ups on so much and attempts to repeat plenty of what we have to say. It's not consistant, but when she does it's hilarous! Yesterday I taught her where her toes were and where mine were. Of course she'll only point to her right big toe even if her left foot is more accessible. Maybe she thinks she only has one toe?! We'll work on that. And then today I taught her where her teeth were. All FOUR of them. Yeap, she still ONLY has 4 teeth, but she is working on #5 and #6. They have popped out, but you really have to look to see them. Here she is showing me her teeth.

And here are some other random pictures from today.

Happy Anniversary to my parents Trini and Hojo! They've been married for many many years (I forgot how many!) I want to say 19 years....but forgive me if I am off a year or two. I also forgot to send your anniversary card in time. I'll get around to that! Dang...the fetus is sucking my brain cells.

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Riecke's said...

yah, you're huge. and I hate you for sleeping. Haahaa. I got 3 hours last night!!!! Lets do lunch!