Friday, August 28, 2009

BIG sister

Brooklyn had her 15 month check up on weds and that was her first time at the Doctors office that she acted terrified. And that was all before her FIVE shots she got. The shots were horrible especially since I had to hold her down and it looked like I was the bad guy. If she's gonna cry anyhow because of the shot why can't they bring someone else in to pin her down so they are the bad guys and I can be the good guy that comes to her rescue?! She's looking great with her weight gain and growth. 20# 3 oz and 29 inches. Close to falling off the bottom of the growth curve in terms of weight, but that's okay. She had a slight temp yesterday and didn't want to eat much of anything and I am going to chalk that one up to the immunizations. Last night I was supposed to have worked so it was a day on the couch resting and playing with her from that supine position on the couch. She also watched all of Lilo and Stitch from start to finish complete with commercials and I felt a little guility she didn't get much Mommy time. I then got pushed back til 11 (to then be cancelled which was great since I am not ready to be working right now and would like a week off and that 's what I got!) so Brett and I took Brooklyn to the store to get her some new toys. I wanted to get her a baby doll with accessories to start the training process of a new baby in the house. She picked out a baby girl doll and her accessories came in a really cute back pack which she wore thru the store, got pissed when we went to go check out and had to take it off, wore it thru the parking lot, and then was angry when she had to take it off for the car ride.

She was very anxious to get the baby doll out of it's packaging and played very well with it. I'm just amazed that she knew to take the toy bottle and sippy cup and put it right up to the baby's mouth, so she sat with the baby trying to feed her. And then was trying to feed her with a fork....funny cause I can't even get her to feed herself with a fork! I helped her put the baby in the stoller and she was pushing her around and carrying her everywhere.

Way too cute! Now when baby comes I just have to make sure she doesn't think she can really do all these things with her baby sister.

Last night while I was getting Brooklyn ready for bed and we were doing our routine of reading books and jumping on Mommy and Daddy's bed, Brooklyn did her funny thing of the day. I had Dirty Dancing on TV in the background. Brett and I were trying to pry her off our bed when she started to swing her arms back and forth and wouldn't lift her concentration from the TV. When we looked at what she was staring at it was the dance scence at the Sheldrake where the couple was performing on stage. Brooklyn was trying to imitate their moves and was swinging her arms and moving her hips. Another moment I wish I had the video camara rolling! I guess I will have to dust off my VHS copy of Dirty Dancing and see is Brooklyn can perform again.

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Casey said...

Mae, Brooks loves his backpack and insists on wearing it at all times, he also loves to dance! We'll have to get them together for a dance party. First he just tapped his feet, then he started swinging his arms and last night he added going in a circle. It is the cutest thing ever! We hope to see you soon!