Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday and Painting Parties

Yesterday afternoon we joined Brooklyn and her friends to celebrate Kate's 2nd Birthday! She had a Dora themed party and obviously Brooklyn was stoked about that. She wouldn't let go of the invitation. Here she is in her party dress, ready to get the show on the road! (I swear she was very excited for the party...the picture just didn't capture her excitement!!!)

Here's the Birthday girl Kate, taking a swing at Dora's Pinata!

Jaxon's mommy had to help him out...I think he knew deep down there was something wrong with swinging a golf club at a girl! WHAT A GUY!!!

After Dora spilled her insides out, Brooklyn just stood there staring at all the goodies. She had no idea what to do or what she was missing out on.

She loved the bounce house that they had set up. Brooklyn climbed up inside and let the bigger kids do all the work and bounce up and down and she just sat there getting the aftermath bounces and loving it.

Happy Birthday Kate!!!! Thanks for having us at your birthday party! We hope you had a wonderful birthday!

The theme of the weekend was cleaning, organizing and painting. We got 3 walls of the nursery done and by the time we came home from Kate's birthday bash Brett had painted the upstairs hallway with the left over paint. BEST HUBBIE EVER!!!! After spending all afternoon doing yard work in the hot sun he managed to paint the hallway also. DID I tell you how much I LOVE YOU and APPRECIATE you Brett!? It's an off white/cream color that I really liked after we got the nursery done. It looks great in the hallway also instead of the stark white wall we did have with all it's scuff marks. Slowly the white walls in our home will all get painted. All we really have left are the upstairs bathrooms, stairway (which who wants to do that!?), laundry room, and kitchen (again, who the heck wants to do the 2 story ceiling and shelving in there!?)
Here's a picture of the painting in process

and what we have finished so far....

It's hard to see the difference in wall colors, but it is noticable against stark white.
The back wall will be a light turquoise-y blue. We are getting white furniture for Baby girl's room and the bedding is light blue and beige with a fleur-de-lis pattern making it feminine and not masculine. I know you all are thinking why I am I painting my Baby GIRL'S room blue? I do like pink and purples, but struggle purchasing those colors for my girls because I know in the future our world will be flooded with all things pink, lacey, flowery, and girly. Especially since God is blessing us with TWO girls! I like to avoid it since I have the say and control over them right now.

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