Sunday, August 23, 2009


After weeks of research and hunting we finally booked a hotel for our vacation to New York.

Since Brett or I have never been to New York it's been a little overwhelming on the all the choices and different areas to stay at. After talking nearly everyone about where and what we finally narrowed our choice of area to midtown/theatre district.

Please note the close proximity to Fifth Ave Shopping. Even though we are going over Brett's birthday weekend we are going to celebrate my 30th birthday so I am pretty sure I will get my way on how much shopping we're going to do.
Now that we actually have a plan on where to stay we have to plan what we are going to do while we are there. Any suggestions?! What's a must see and where's a must go to to eat(that's my main concern since food and this baby that's feasting off of me is always on my mind)?

This is a room picture off of the hotel's website.

Doesn't look to shabby of a place and we truly don't have too high of expectations even though we're paying a pretty penny (but you pay a pretty penny to shack up at the YMCA when you stay at Manhantan). Who know's if our room will actually measure up to what's shown in the picture. Brett and I were both hesitant on booking, but we found a good deal. It's a hotel neither of us have heard of with a not so common "chain" name like Hilton or Hyatt. We also booked off of Never heard of it, but after some research we took the plunge and booked last night. Oy Vey, it could make our break our vacation! hehe! We plan on seeing the city so I guess who cares what our hotel room looks like. I just want a nice clean bathroom is all. I'll be prepared with shower flip flops and chlorox wipes :)


Kasey said...

Hi, I'm was one of Rachelle's roommates in college, I found your blog back when she and Andro had their wedding blog...I've been a lurker. Anyhow, I've lived in New York for 4.5 years now. Most hotels in that neighborhood are very nice. 3 stars or up and you are good to go. I'm sure you know that in addition to 5th avenue shopping you need to hit century 21 for designer discounts. I took my husband to Ninja New York for his birthday this year, as you can probably guess it is a themed Japanese restaurant, with ninjas serving you. It was a ton of fun, but on the pricey side. I'm more of a burgers girl myself, and Island Burgers and Shakes (on 52th and 9th) is a favorite with us. Gourmet burgers and awesome shakes and baked potatoes, you can also substitute the burger for chicken and same great toppings. If you want some more recommendations or specific types of food orentertainment email me

Jax said...

This is the hotel that the ladies on America's Next Top Model and the contestants on Project Runway stayed during their respective time on the show :)