Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I realize that Brett has very little spotlight on him in the blog and that's not to discredit his importance in our everyday life. I know many of you read this and think, gosh I wonder what's up with him. Well, from the eyes and voice of his wifey- he's doing great, over worked, but great! He works nearly everyday, lately it's been 6 days a week at Chase plus his online teaching with University of Phoenix which is pretty much everyday. He is on Daddy duty on the nights I work,which include dinner, after dinner play time, bath time, and then get Brooklyn to bed. He's great with Brooklyn and claims to be her favorite, as well as Deuce's. He's definitely my favorite! I put him to work at home even on his days off and when he has a day off that he has deemed his "day of rest" he ends up cleaning the spare room and office with me, mowing the lawn, edging the lawn, fertilizing the lawn (dog poop clean up is involved there also), and climbing up in the attic which is probably a good 125 degrees and listening to me from the ladder hollar at him which box I need him to pull down, which of course is the least accessible. Then since he's got the ladder out he might as well switch out the AC filters and dust the vents out. Oh, and I can't forget he managed to do a load of laundry, fold it and it away. Who can ask for anything better!? Little nagging was involved on my part! I think everyday that I am the luckiest wife ever! I know he is desperately looking forward desperately to football season to start and then I know on Sundays he truly won't be leaving the couch, well only to check online how he is doing in his fantasy football leagues. For our trip to New York we got tickets to see Yankees vs Red Sox at Yankee stadium...on his birthday. What a great game to get to see! He manages to take in a round of golf every so often (twice this last month) with some guys from work and the other day had Travis over to watch UFC. He's getting taking care of! So there you have it....Brett's update

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Becky said...

Is Brett walking yet? How 'bout potty training? How's that going? :-) Glad to hear he's doing good! And oh yeah, football season is approaching! 4 weeks to go!!!!