Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crying vs SCREAMING!

Last night Brett and I were woken up at 230am by Brooklyn SCREAMING. It's just not your normal crying that she does every once in a while, it was pure on SCREAMING. At first I thought the volume on our monitor was just set too high magnifying her, but when I turned it all the way down there was no doubting the noise. So normally Brooklyn wakes up every so often crying and upset about something, but we've made it our parenting plan to let her be and let her sort her self out. It's not the easiet not checking on her, but we didn't want her getting use to us going to her everytime she cries and learning to do it to get our attention. (she's now at that age!) For the most part Brooklyn falls right back to sleep, and I can figure that she's normally crying cause she can't find her puppy binkie in the bed. The crying at night only last a minute or so and maybe occurs a couple times a week. I also found that if I did check on her at night it only escalates the issue and she then wants to get up out of her crib and be held. So we've done great with our plan until last night. We caved, Brett got up with her to check on her and handed her off to me since he had a 6 am golfing tee time. I held her in her rocker. SO much of me wanted to take her to our room and let her sleep with us, but I knew deep down that would be catastrophic. The minute she got picked up she acting like nothing was wrong. She was up, chit chatting with me, pointing at nearly everything in her room asking "was at" (what's that) or "at ta" (which I've finally figured is her way of saying I want that.) She was wanting her books and then at some point was calling for Deuce (which I am sure Deuce heard her and was thinking no way am I going to play with her right now, she's being ridiculous, it's 230 am!) After about 10 minutes I established that she was absolutely fine and concluded she just had her first night terror. I laid her back in her bed laid myself back in bed, for her to whimper and cry for a few minutes more and then we both finally fell back asleep. I have to say that the last time that we truly had to wake up in the middle of the night due to her crying was when she was maybe 3 months old and I was still nursing her in the middle of the night. When I went back to work we cut that middle of the night feeding out and she slept great from 11 pm til about 5 or 6 am. I guess I can't complain about last nights events then! Having to get up for 10 to 15 minutes or so wasn't too bad. Good thing I was too exhausted to stress about something possibly being wrong. I hear night terrors happen at this age and have learned that from my friends experiences! Thanks everyone....if it hadn't happen to you all first I probably would have been up all night with her!

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