Friday, August 21, 2009


I have lots of other things to do right now (like sleep) but its so hard to not get wrapped up on all the new seasons of TV shows. DVD Season 3 of Dexter just came out on Tuesday and Brett and I are so hooked we've made it thru 4 episodes already. I am very tempted to start episode 5 while he's sleeping right now!...maybe I can just play dumb when we sit down together to watch it :). Right now I am watching Flipping Out so I don't need to trick my hubbie. I am also excited for the new Top Chef season, but what's with all the tattooed chefs this season? I also got hooked on Gulianna and Bill, I don't know why I am so intrigued by their lives. Reality TV, so my weakness. Tonight, since insomnia has kicked in on top of horrible cravings for food not stocked in my fridge freezer or pantry and an upset stomach, I have found myself wrapped into the shows kendra as well as kourtney and khloe take miami. I have no shame...nor am I embarrassed to admit my guilty pleasures! Good thing the hubbie sleeps like a rock and doesn't mind the TV on right now!

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Casey said...

I love that you love TV as much as I do!