Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hairy Sunday

Brett woke up at the butt crack of dawn to go golfing. Brooklyn and I woke up a few hours later to have our usual Sunday pancakes. Played a little bit, well Brooklyn played, while I started my Sunday ritual of cleaning. At about 10 she went went down for a nap and I laid down myself only to wake up at about 12 in time for lunch. Brett had already completed his Sunday yard work ritual. For lunch I feasted on left overs from my Filipino dinner the night before. Yummy. After lunch we ran errands. The highlight of our Sunday was Brett's haircut. He's known the girl that cuts his hair for years so she makes house calls now. Nice, huh? I wish my stylist can make house calls. Maybe I would get a haircut more then 2 times a year then. Speaking, of hair, Brooklyn's remains curly and all over the place. Although this evening while she was playing I did finally manage to pull her curls into a pony tail.

This is very much a milestone in our home! She still has baby hair that is growing in that is way shorter then the rest so she'll be sporting the natural layered look for a while.

The peek and seek toy that you see in the picture has become one of her favorites lately. Thank you Mantle Family for that great birthday present!!! She a pro at getting the shapes all into it's right spots and it's become a race to see how fast she can do it in. Once she gets them all in she claps and bounces with delight. She's very proud of are we.
Her other favorite toy is her "Bah-Pah" modeled after the cartoon character Dora's backpack. She hasn't quite figured out how to open it yet, so she'll bring it up to us to have us do it and if we're not paying attention we'll get smacked in the face with it as she lifts it up to us.

Brett wanted to spoil Brooklyn a little bit more then she already is and after dinner last night took her to the store to have her pick out a new Kai Lan doll. Here she is on the drive home. Wouldn't let it go even in the box still.

All in all it was a great laid back weekend. We did our normal rituals and didn't stray too far from it. Of course Deuce continued in the same fashion......

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