Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'll take a mojito please! Extra Sweet!

The cravings have hit me hard lately. On my way to work I wanted a Frozen Margarita with Salt to go with a sushi assortment. Of course all things that I can't have. As I got to work my margarita craving turned into a mojito craving. Then I talked about Filipino food and wanted everything I can't have, don't know how to cook, or have no access too! To my Filipino family that loves me....please send food! Not my request but Baby's. He or She would like Beef Nilaga (Auntie Rose's version), Fish, Halo Halo, Crispy Pata, Kare Kare, Balut (JUST KIDDING), Arroz Caldo (Auntie Emma's verison), Palabok, Jollibee, Brazo de Mercedes (is that the correct name?!), Siopao (I ate my last one on Thursday Mom!), Mango Shakes, and Kalderetta. Just to name a few! Ughh the cravings are gonna be the end of me! Guess my mom is going to be busy in my Kitchen next month :-)! For now I will have to convince Brett to take me to Barrio Fiesta....and on my way home I am going to stop at McDonalds for a bacon egg and cheese biscuit!


Riecke's said...

I have been craving ice cold beer. So weird. When Bill opens one up I have to smell it. I love it. So weird!

sweetsusan said...

I expect to be over ALOT when your mom comes to have all of that food that you mentioned in your blog!!!