Friday, August 14, 2009

In the words of Brooklyn Joy

"Bah Pah"...Back Pack
"D" or "Deese"...Deuce
"Dad-da"...Dad (sometimes used for Mommy if Daddy is no where to be found)
"WAS AT!" (Said with a VERY high pitch)... What's that (and often said while
pointing at the object in question)
"Tay Ti"...Thank you
"Woo Woo"... Puppy binkie (went as her identifier for a puppy sounds to simply her puppy binkie)
"uh oh"...Uh oh (often heard when she falls or she sees someone fall or drop something)
"Nigh Nigh"...night night (a great indicator for nap or bed time)
"Ma Ma"...Mommy (a rare word, but warms my heart when heard!)
"HI"...Hi (simply spoken!)

So we have 12 words down packed! She's very much a talker. We're up to 4 words for signing. More, Milk, All Done (this one is new, and needs working on) and Bye Bye (I count this one cause it's technically signing, right?!)

These are often the sounds that fill our house along with just toddler jibber jabber which makes no sense to me, LOUD squeals of delight, and the cries of despair when nothing is going her way. Nap times are nice, quiet, and very welcomed :). When I have to sleep during the day time and have Hillary here to sit I take full advantage of ear plugs.

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