Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just like the pro's do it!

As much as I hate painting the textured walls that nearly every house here in AZ has, I didn't mind it at all today. Brett and I got it done during Brooklyn's nap! Granted we only did 3 walls, but that was on purpose. Once we get the the baby bedding in we will be able to pick out the accent wall color. Setting up the nursery "project" is on its way!! Next is buying a crib and a dresser. We will have to change out the bedding on the guest bed also to match the nursery motif. For now the new nursery will keep the guest bed for visitors. At least until we come up with a better plan, the girls are ready to share a room, Brett is ready to give up his office, or we move. I hope our visitors don't mind rooming in with the baby. Hopefully she figures out how to sleep through the night quickly :)!!! It felt great to start the nursery! Painting was theraputic. Good instant results. Brett's now motivated to paint the hallway upstairs..and he wants to do it tomorrow afternoon. We'll see if these painting pro's manage that! (Brooklyn and I have a birthday party to get to!)

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Nicole said...

you are so on top of your game Mae. I still have to figure out exactly how I am painting the baby's room....stripes, no stripes, one wall of stripes, one basic accent wall....maybe I need your advice. Ella is dying to see Brooklyn (she asks almost everyday if we can drive far away to Brooklyn's house)...but u guys should come over here sometime soon.