Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Little Picasso

After our now sunday morning tradition of blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes (it's been 2 weeks now) I set Brooklyn up for some art time.
Here's my the next little Picasso hard work on her masterpiece.

We've been on clean up mode at the house lately. With the main concentration on the spare room. Once we confirm the baby's gender we'll get the bedding and start painting on the room. I have it all figured out if it is indeed a girl, bedding paint and furniture. If it turns out to be a boy that will throw us for a real loop, but I think we'd welcome that curve ball anyday. We've been cleaning out all useless stuff that we have accumulated over the years. Thank goodness I don't have a basement, because I know it would be just full at this point with useless crap. I can't say the same for the 3rd stall garage though! That'll be the next project once it cools off. For now it's working on the spare room and Brooklyn's room. I was going to have Brett climb into the attic to put Brooklyn's baby stuff away, but why bother when it's gonna come back down in 6 months. So that's our sunday funday. I have the last 6 days off, well technically I went in on Thursday night, but got to go home early for a low census and because I have been battling an awful headache the whole time.

Our next few months are going to be crazy busy. Between our trip to New York, friends and family visits and then of course just everyday life I decided to enroll Brooklyn in some classes. She's taking up swimming again for a few weeks before it cools off to where we can't swim much and then we have 2 different sorta tiny tots gymnastics type classes. It's more just play time and exploring with other kiddos, but it gets her socialization and gets us out of the house. I hope that she can start to learn to play with others while not being so attached to my side. I figure with the baby coming soon now is a good time to do these things since life will yet again change as we know it in 6 months!

Last night brought me good taste of what it would be like with 2 toddlers. Travis and Ella came over last night to watch the UFC fight. Ella's mommy wasn't feeling great so she wasn't able to come over. So while Travis watched the fights Brooklyn Ella and I played. I figured out that Ella and Brooklyn are exact age difference in months that Brooklyn and Baby will be. We read books, watched the Little Mermaid, and played with all of Brooklyn's toys. Brooklyn and Ella had a blast and the two of them would just feed off each other. One would say something that the other thought was funny and would chuckle and vice versa. I was too busy playing with the kids to get a chance to snap pictures. Sad cause there was some great photo ops! Had a little taste of what life might be like down the road. Makes me not so nervous and think...yes we can do this!

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Nicole said...

anytime you want more practice with two kiddos...just call, we'll bring her over! She woke up this morning and got all upset that we weren't going over there today. She said, "I want to have a pillow fight with Mae and Brooklyn"...and "Brooklyn has a new Ariel movie!" She sure had fun!