Tuesday, August 25, 2009


People with way too much money would consider this a great buy....

If you can't tell what it is...it's a Gucci Baby carrier. Yeap, that's right I said GUCCI. Best part about it was that I found it on overstock.com on SALE for $605! I know what I want for christmas :)! Alright, so I have been guilty for splurging on designer items in the past and I am sure that I will one day splurge again, but I draw the line here. I don't need my baby sling to match my purse. ESPECIALLY for $605! Brett thinks I am spoiled with my designer duds and splurges ....wait til I tell him I want this!! HAHA...I don't even think he would respond to my ridiculous request and instead completely ignore me while asking himself "why me lord?!"
Then you have to wonder, what if you had your baby in this crazy designer apparatus and he or she decides to have the poop blow out of the century or even regurge their green peas and sweet potatoes from earlier? Would you be concerned for the baby or your Gucci carrier? Alright, so I am not against having a nice baby sling/carrier and I am definitely not opposed to Gucci, it's when you combine the two is where I have the problem....although I do like the Gucci Diaper bag..hehe.

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Christine said...

I thought it was some kind of S&M device at first...lmao