Monday, August 3, 2009


We used our new sitter, Hillary, today for the first time and I am sooooo happy to report that she, Brooklyn, and Deuce had a great first day together. I slept the whole time only to get up once to pee and peek my head out the door to listen in on what was going on downstairs. My orginal plan to actually go downstairs to check on the them occasionally, didn't work. I was sooo exhausted and to be perfectly honest felt so at ease and comfortable from our morning interaction that I wasn't paranoid and worried that I even needed to. I got home from work shortly after Hillary woke Brooklyn up in the morning and Hillary had already had her fed and changed. I am not even that quick in the morning. She's lucky if she out of her PJ's by the time she back down for her morning nap! When I got home Hillary was playing on the floor with Brooklyn and Brooklyn didn't come running up to me to greet me when I got home. Sad for me, but relieving to see that she was very content playing with Hillary. She was all smiles and fun. Hillary had great things to report in the afternoon when I got up and seemed very happy to come back and continue watching Brooklyn. Hillary kept saying that Brooklyn was a very easy-going happy kid. See!, it's not just us that think that :-). I laid Brooklyn down for her afternoon nap and was going to send Hillary home for the day, but we just got to talking and talking and she ended up sticking around for another hour. Her and I even bonded :)! She's such a sweet girl and I am counting my blessings that everything has worked out thus far!


The West Family said...

What a relief! So glad it is working out so well for you all. :-)

Casey said...

You two chose right! WooHoo!