Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where to NEXT?

Post vacation blues SUCK! I want to travel again and soon.... New York kicked my butt and was exhausting, but well worth it. I loved every moment and wish for time to take me back there (only this time with Brooklyn). 5 months pregnant and walking all around that city and I am still recovering from it. My siatica is really bothersome and my legs and lower back are really reminding me that I indeed am 5 months pregnant. Normally Brett and I start planning our next trip before we even are home from vacation...that seems to help post vacation blues, but with all the other excitement in our lives, we've needed to put travel plans on hold.
In the last 4 years Brett and I have been blessed to be able to travel alot.
5)St. Lucia
7)Bayfield, WI
8)San Diego (multiple trips)
10)New York
and that's not even mentioning the multiple times that we have been back to Chicago and North Dakota just to visit family. I can't complain that there is no vacation really in the works for us right now. I have lots to prepare for and do in the coming months. I know one day soon we will have a vacation again. But the big question is where?! I vote Greece.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

While the parents are away the kids will play.....

....with Grandma, whom Brooklyn most affectionately named NANA this week. She has a name!!!! So while we were gone enjoying our trip, Brooklyn and Deuce were very well cared for by my mom. I didn't have a worry in the world, but that didn't stop me from calling to check in every few hours. Brooklyn had a wonderful week of play-dates, swimming, birthday parties, lunch outings, Church (yeap I said church!!!), breakfast outings, shopping, walks around the neighborhood, to evening rituals of playing in the backyard. Here are some of the pictures of the quality time spent between Nana and Brooklyn (& Deuce!).

Thank you sooo much Nana for taking such wonderful care of our kiddos while we went on our trip! Please come back very soon and cook wonderful meals that Brooklyn LOVES, teach her new songs and tricks, read lots to her and just snuggle with! *she personally wanted me to ask you those things!

Happy Early Dirty Thirty to me!

We got back from our trip to NYC last night and we just had an absolute blast!!! I *heart* NYC!

Our hotel was great, small, but big for NYC standards. PERFECT location. Right by everything we wanted to be by especially as first time tourists there. We also did the bus tours to take us to the sights and show us around the city.

We did alot of shopping and it was a good thing I was 5 months pregnant so I could not try many things on or justify buying much. Brett was a tropper and let me window shop and parooze the stores without any complaints! I couldn't believe how much walking we really did legs back and hips are all sore. The weather was perfect.

We had some rain on Sunday on the way to the Baseball game, but Brett and I found it very refreshing to have to make the trek to the bagel store and subway while under the cover of an umbrella.

The game was delayed an hour for rain, but once it got started it turned out to be a great afternoon.

Yankees ended up beating the Red Sox to win the division so there was lots for the team to celebrate and lots for the die hard Yankee fans that surrounded us to cheer about.

(It was neat to be a part of but would have been better had it been my Cubbies!)

So pretty much our extended weekend get-away was consumed by sight seeing and loving every minute.

We didn't catch a broadway show like everyone recommended and we didn't eat in Little Italy, but I have no regrets. We had no agenda really and no schedule and that was the best part of our trip.

We ate good meals and found the restaurants just by walking by them and took in a comedy show. It's crazy to see all the sites up close and personal since I've been seeing the sites for many years on TV, movies, or depicted in pictures.

Definitely a wonderful Birthday weekend for me (and Brett!) and we will make our way there again one day! My wonderful hubbie knows how to completely spoil me! It was more then I can ever have hoped for....turning 30 isn't going to be so bad! Thank you Brett for the INCREDIBLE birthday present!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Live from New York City!.....

In the heart of Rockfeller Center!! That's where we are staying around the corner from Radio City Music hall and a few blocks North of Times Square. Incredible time we are having! Being typical tourists. Love it... We've done the double decker bus tour that showed us the sights of the city...Battery Park, Brooklyn to Harlem even. We've taking in shopping...from bargaining with shady people in corners of chinatown for fake designer goods (right before under cover cops pull up in vans to haul their fake goods and them away) to shopping on fifth avenue for the real goods. I am the luckiest wifey around.. Brett surprised me by buying me a souveneir (sp?) from Tiffany and Co. It was a part of my birthday present (as if this trip wasn't enough) and he wanted me to have something to take home and remember this trip. Such an AWESOME hubbie I am married to! What girl doesn't love Tiffany's? The rest of our time spent on fifth ave was enjoyed by people watching, window shopping, ohhhing and ahhhing. The United Nations assembly was here when we first got here and the different country big shot leaders were hanging out all around us. Our street the hotel is on was closed off here and there for secret service and we've been tickled by watching them all over the city escorting who knows who around... We even cruised by the Waldorf Astoria where the President was. The secret service, guys with machine guns and K9 dogs didn't want to extend my invite for Mr. President to eat dim sum with us in Chinatown! It's crazy to see how buckled down security is around these leaders... I do appreciate the big SUV's that they are escorted in having the country flag and name on it though....helps me know who I am looking for! that has been part of our entertainment. I am beat from walking everywhere...but can't wait to get up and do it again today! We're being fed well... Still have to make it to Little Italy like every has recommended. Plan for today- CELEBRATE my wonderful husbands birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday Brett!!!!!! The day is his...I am sure he's exhausted himself from escorting me around shopping (I won't be able to get him to shop at Target with me anymore when we go home) We are braving the subway this afternoon to head to the Bronx and Yankee Stadium and then I am certain we will find some sports bar to sit at and take in Sunday football. Preferably one with NFL ticket. Perfect day for him if you ask me! That's all I got for now, but more stories of great times had to share with you all when we return to the desert!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Early Birthday HUBBIE!

My mom flew into town on Saturday so she can take over parental duties all week long while Brett and I worked and take care of last minute things before our trip to New York City on Thursday. Brooklyn wasn't even phased by the switch.

Part of my requests from Chicago was a Hazelnut cake from Oak Mill Bakery that I have been craving craving craving!

It's a childhood favorite. SO my mom was sooo awesome enough to drag one here on the plane. She was even thoughtful enough to have them inscribe Birthday greetings to Brett. Since we will be away on his actual birthday (and because I can't wait to eat the cake) we did candles and birthday song on Saturday night.

So Happy Birthday Sweet Hubbie of mine....I look foward to our trip to NYC and spending your actual birthday watching the Red Sox Vs Yankees at Yankee Stadium....afterwards we can go to a broadway show or the ballet :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bon Apetit!

I made spaghetti last night and it was Brooklyn's first attempt at spaghetti bolognese! I was prepared for the outcome so I stripped her down to her diaper prior. I also knew the event would be priceless and was ready to capture it all on film....check it out for yourselves!

Of course, my favorite picture....Deuce is never too far from the table during mealtime, he knows he can get away with this only with Brooklyn!

I think we need to start teaching her some table manners though...what do you think?!

One step at a time in this house! I am just happy to feed her meals that we can all eat together and not have to make her her own separate dinner. It's hard enough getting motivated to cook for simply Brett and me!(not that Spaghetti is difficult or anything) Each meal she eats what we eat is one more battle won!

(yes that is a bib sitting on the back of her chair, and yes we have thought about using it, but my Houdini figured out how to take it off, velcro sleeves and all so that's normally a lost battle)