Monday, September 7, 2009

Half way there!

We hit 20 weeks today! Wahoo for us! Feeling great. Baby is kicking and constantly reminding me she's wants attention too. Hey - will take it! We celebrated today by going to the famous Sprinkles cupcakes in Scottsdale. Yummy! I treated myself to my new favorite sweet spot. Grandpa Mike is in town visiting so we've had a great time with him so far. We hung out at Fashion Square in the afternoon and checked out plenty of designer duds that I can only dream about having right now. The baby pressing on my siatica and bladder was a constant reminder that we needed to spend money on a new crib and dresser and not the beautiful quilt pattern leather purse with the embroidered outline of two C's and chain linked straps. A girl can dream!!! I remember the days when I had no responsibilties other then myself and I would splurge and justify purchases by working an overtime shift. That was back in the day when double time was available and plentiful! Thankfully with times changing at work and work needs adjusting so have my priorities and my needs. I enjoy work and my time that I am there I find incredibly rewarding and feel blessed that I get to do what I do. Nursing is great like that. I love my job and career, but my priority is my family and spending time with them right now. I don't want to work overtime right now. I work because I love what I do, but I want to cherish every moment with family and not look back at these times and think I wish I worked less so I didn't miss out on this or that. So I can dream for the fancy materialistic "things" in life, but the truth is I am living my dream right now. Incredible husband, beautiful daughter who's discovering each day how to push buttons, but the next minute does the cutest thing to win us over again. I'm content shopping for diapers and diaper wipes... This is the life I've always dreamed for!

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Becky said...

Here, here! Well said! It's going sooo fast...we have to savor every moment. :-)