Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Early Birthday HUBBIE!

My mom flew into town on Saturday so she can take over parental duties all week long while Brett and I worked and take care of last minute things before our trip to New York City on Thursday. Brooklyn wasn't even phased by the switch.

Part of my requests from Chicago was a Hazelnut cake from Oak Mill Bakery that I have been craving craving craving!

It's a childhood favorite. SO my mom was sooo awesome enough to drag one here on the plane. She was even thoughtful enough to have them inscribe Birthday greetings to Brett. Since we will be away on his actual birthday (and because I can't wait to eat the cake) we did candles and birthday song on Saturday night.

So Happy Birthday Sweet Hubbie of mine....I look foward to our trip to NYC and spending your actual birthday watching the Red Sox Vs Yankees at Yankee Stadium....afterwards we can go to a broadway show or the ballet :)

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Casey said...

Happy Birthday Brett! Hae fun on your trip Mae...I'm looking forward to lots of new pictures :)