Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Early Dirty Thirty to me!

We got back from our trip to NYC last night and we just had an absolute blast!!! I *heart* NYC!

Our hotel was great, small, but big for NYC standards. PERFECT location. Right by everything we wanted to be by especially as first time tourists there. We also did the bus tours to take us to the sights and show us around the city.

We did alot of shopping and it was a good thing I was 5 months pregnant so I could not try many things on or justify buying much. Brett was a tropper and let me window shop and parooze the stores without any complaints! I couldn't believe how much walking we really did do...my legs back and hips are all sore. The weather was perfect.

We had some rain on Sunday on the way to the Baseball game, but Brett and I found it very refreshing to have to make the trek to the bagel store and subway while under the cover of an umbrella.

The game was delayed an hour for rain, but once it got started it turned out to be a great afternoon.

Yankees ended up beating the Red Sox to win the division so there was lots for the team to celebrate and lots for the die hard Yankee fans that surrounded us to cheer about.

(It was neat to be a part of but would have been better had it been my Cubbies!)

So pretty much our extended weekend get-away was consumed by sight seeing and loving every minute.

We didn't catch a broadway show like everyone recommended and we didn't eat in Little Italy, but I have no regrets. We had no agenda really and no schedule and that was the best part of our trip.

We ate good meals and found the restaurants just by walking by them and took in a comedy show. It's crazy to see all the sites up close and personal since I've been seeing the sites for many years on TV, movies, or depicted in pictures.

Definitely a wonderful Birthday weekend for me (and Brett!) and we will make our way there again one day! My wonderful hubbie knows how to completely spoil me! It was more then I can ever have hoped for....turning 30 isn't going to be so bad! Thank you Brett for the INCREDIBLE birthday present!

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