Monday, September 14, 2009

Revolving Door

We've had a busy last couple weeks with dinner plans with friends and out of town guests. It started a couple weekends ago when we caught up with the Mantle's for dinner at P.F. Changs. It was a good time til Brooklyn lost her patience in the highchair and insisted on screaming til we let her loose. So her and I entertained the other patrons waiting to be sat outside of the restaurant. (One other little girl that Brooklyn was playing with outside insisted on calling her Brocoli instead of Brooklyn...I found it humorous!) We are starting to realize our eating out days are numbered. Grandpa Mike came to visit a few days after and was here for 5 days. Great visit with him! We pretty much have a routine of getting together with the Heetland family for lunch (which Kelly was in town this time also), heading to the Malls to do some shopping and people watching, and then going to dinner at a teppanyaki grill. Thankfully at dinner this time we were the only patrons right up til the end so if she screamed or fussed we didn't care! The day after Grandpa Mike left we welcomed more guests, the Duffy's, who were visiting from N. Dakota. They were here through the weekend and were great guests because they were content just hanging out! So easy going!!! Thanks Brady and Teresa! We appreciated not having to cart Brooklyn around all over town. Brooklyn's become her own little explorer lately (taking after Dora of course) and isn't content being restrained to sit still for long periods, unless she's watching Lilo and Stitch or The Little Mermaid. As a parent I can't really justify 24/7 movie watching! Saturday night we wanted to enjoy a nice dinner with Brady and Teresa without having to worry about our little missy throwing any fits at the restaurant so we were very very BLESSED that our GREAT friends, the Riecke's, were willing to have her hang out and play for the evening. So Brett and I did enjoy a night out without Brooklyn and thankfully Brooklyn played well with Will and the Riecke family (so Anjee says!) Will and Brooklyn gave each other hugs and kisses (to Brett's dismay!) and held hands as he escorted her into the house when we first got there. Thank goodness we have such great and wonderful friends. It makes it not so bad having to live so far away from both sides of our family! Brady and Teresa had to leave Sunday afternoon and we wish they could have hung out to enjoy the first Sunday of football for this season! Hope you enjoyed your trip and hope you had a wonderful birthday Teresa!
(I was awful about taking pictures the past few days!!!! I didn't capture many from when Mike was in town and forgot about my camara's existance all together when Brady and Teresa were here. Opps, my bad!)

The last few weeks our sweet sweet girl has decided to pop out 6 teeth all at about the same time so she's been quite the fuss bucket on top of all these visitors and change in routine. I think devil, cranky pants, crank butt, and awful were just a few words Brett and I have used to describe her. We constantly look at each other and ask "What's wrong with her!?" Last night we didn't get her to bed til a lil after 1030 after picking her up from Anjee and Bill's and then still driving home. She still woke at 830 this morning. She was quite cranky, went right back to bed at 10 am, up at 130 pm, then back to bed a little after 3pm after she cried and cried, refused lunch, and kept saying "nigh nigh". I think she finally caught up on her rest by dinner time and was finally our sweet darling dear. She was shoveling her dinner in her mouth still when I had left for work and was her normal goofy self taunting the dog while shoving parts of her dinner in her toes and then giggling about it! Gotta love her!

The visitor doors continues to swing open. On Saturday we will welcome back Grandma Trini for nearly 11 days! Wahoo! She'll be taking over parental duty while Brett and I take our long awaited vacation to NYC. It's hard to think about and get excited for our trip since we've had so many other things going on lately. I think it will probably hit me next week Weds that we will be leaving on Thurs.

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