Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where to NEXT?

Post vacation blues SUCK! I want to travel again and soon.... New York kicked my butt and was exhausting, but well worth it. I loved every moment and wish for time to take me back there (only this time with Brooklyn). 5 months pregnant and walking all around that city and I am still recovering from it. My siatica is really bothersome and my legs and lower back are really reminding me that I indeed am 5 months pregnant. Normally Brett and I start planning our next trip before we even are home from vacation...that seems to help post vacation blues, but with all the other excitement in our lives, we've needed to put travel plans on hold.
In the last 4 years Brett and I have been blessed to be able to travel alot.
5)St. Lucia
7)Bayfield, WI
8)San Diego (multiple trips)
10)New York
and that's not even mentioning the multiple times that we have been back to Chicago and North Dakota just to visit family. I can't complain that there is no vacation really in the works for us right now. I have lots to prepare for and do in the coming months. I know one day soon we will have a vacation again. But the big question is where?! I vote Greece.

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Nicole said...

You guys really have been to so many places...yes, we definitely need to plan a fun family get-a-way for next summer....I have thought that our two little ones could make our relation official...then Brooklyn and Ella could be sis-in-laws and not just pretend cousins...we are going to need all the chances we can get for cousins and extra family being that our brothers don't have that anywhere in their future plans. Did Travis tell you the delivery date is scheduled for Wed. Nov. 25th....we are so excited...everyone will have off for Thanksgiving so it works out quite well...We will do Thanksgiving early that Sunday at the Mantle's guys should come :)