Tuesday, September 29, 2009

While the parents are away the kids will play.....

....with Grandma, whom Brooklyn most affectionately named NANA this week. She has a name!!!! So while we were gone enjoying our trip, Brooklyn and Deuce were very well cared for by my mom. I didn't have a worry in the world, but that didn't stop me from calling to check in every few hours. Brooklyn had a wonderful week of play-dates, swimming, birthday parties, lunch outings, Church (yeap I said church!!!), breakfast outings, shopping, walks around the neighborhood, to evening rituals of playing in the backyard. Here are some of the pictures of the quality time spent between Nana and Brooklyn (& Deuce!).

Thank you sooo much Nana for taking such wonderful care of our kiddos while we went on our trip! Please come back very soon and cook wonderful meals that Brooklyn LOVES, teach her new songs and tricks, read lots to her and just snuggle with! *she personally wanted me to ask you those things!

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