Friday, October 30, 2009

Ackward Places

Where does your child prefer to eat their breakfast?

Whatever and wherever works! These days I'm just happy when she eats. She's not picky about what she wants to eat it's just whether she's in the mood to eat. She eats like a bird at times and that other times she's little Miss Piggy.

Brooklyn's vocab has completely exploded. It doesn't phase us much when she says a new word anymore. Yesterday she picked up Chicago "Cago" and very sweetly answers "Cago" when you ask her where Grandma is. She's constantly trying to say what you say and have conversations with us. Bubble, Star, Cupcake, Shoe, and Car are among her daily rambles. Trust me when I say those words come up in daily conversations with her. Brett brought home cupcakes last week that his work brought in on his last day and it didn't take her long to figure that word out. Go figure! Now she asks for cupcakes even though we don't have any in the house. Ughh, I can't believe how fast she's growing! So sad that she's not my little baby anymore!

On the other hand the other little baby that's in the works is doing well. I had my glucose check early this morning and can I just say YUCK! The drink they make you take to test how your body responds to sugar makes me want to puke just thinking about it and odds are since I failed my 1 hour one with Brooklyn I will probably fail this one too and I will be sent back to the lab to do it all over again and sit there in the lab for 3 hours. I feel like I should be more like 8 months pregnant and not nearing only 7 months. I am glad that I am only 27 weeks pregnant though. I've still got alot of preparing to do and lots of one on one time that I want to cherish with Brooklyn. We finished painting the nursery and have all the bedding situated in the room. Now we just have to get the walls decorated and a dresser. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new nursery. It'll be just perfect for her. I am really tempted to re-do Brooklyn's room now since her decor has gotten old and since I've got more creative juices flowing through my blood lately. That however is not in our budget!Holidays are sneaking up on us and be impressed when I say that I've already tackled part of my Holiday gift list! Now, Grandpa Hojo's birthday is technically today and I haven't quite sent him his card and birthday gift yet, so I guess you all aren't as impressed huh?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOJO! I'm working on your gift!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome Back....

I had deleted the link to my sister in law's blog a while back (FYI- you get deleted off my blog link list if you haven't updated in over a year!) and I come to discover that not only has she not officially left the blogging world, she had continue to update through a different blog site! So bummed that I have missed her blogging thoughts the past few months, but very excited to be able to tune in once again! I have missed you Rachelle!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mom Guilt

Brooklyn and I take a "fitness" class every weds at the Chandler Rec Center. It's more of a "let's get my daughter out of the house, involved and socializing with other kiddos" class. Anyway, today we went to class and right outside the class the rec center was having a monthly event for little kids that involves bikes, balls, bounce house, hula hoops and all sorts of other activities to spark interest in Brooklyn's eyes. Since normally the class is til 945 am Brooklyn and I race home to make it back by nap time which is normally 10 at the latest. I'm a stickler for keeping her on a strict nap schedule. Today however, I can't race home and take a different path out of the class. I had to walk through the carnival of fun...that's where I lost Brooklyn...she took off like I would if I were in a candy store. Up and down off the bikes, trying out every SINGLE hula hoop on her self and other nearby innocent and willing kiddos. She climbed right into the bounce house, which if you know Brooklyn this is not her normal self. My girl is normally shy and reserved when it comes to strange places and new people. It'll take her about 30 mins to warm up and then she's still attached to my side, but willing to play. It warmed my heart to see her smile as she explored her surroundings.

She was soo excited and was sooo extremely happy, which brings me to the Mommy Guilt. I let her play about 20 minutes, then I knew we had to go because again, I am a stickler for strict nap times and at this point we were extending way past our routine. I was soo torn on whether or not I should let her have her fun or pull from her utopia. My moment of oppurtunity to pull her out of the bounce house finally came. A rather large 3 year old girl had bounced herself right on top of my very petite 17 month old and didn't get off of her. Brooklyn was shocked and startled at first and then cried. I poked my head in the bounce house and had to hollar at the 3 yr old (who's parent's were MIA) to finally get off my kid. I figured now was the best chance to get her into the car, but NO, she brushed the near crushing event off like it was no big deal and wanted back in the bounce house. She cried and cried, kicked and screamed all the way out the doors. She wanted nothing more then to stay. I felt HORRIBLE as her tears rolled down her cheeks. Ughhh....momma guilt kicked in full force! I kept thinking, who cares about nap time, let her have some fun.... If it weren't for the fact that I was working later that night, I probably would have caved and let her stay and play. The only thing that stopped me from having my own tears from mommy guilt (preggo hormones...gotta love em!) was that I kept telling myself that this wasn't cruel and unusual punishment. She'll forget this moment ever happened and I can't let her have her way all the time. I have to set limits and boundaries right?! Please tell me I shouldn't feel guilty! Later in the afternoon, after we both successfully napped, we went outside to play in the backyard. And to make me feel a little bit better about the morning incident I let her just do whatever made her happy without any when she got on her laid on her belly wearing white pants and started rolling, literally rolling, through the gravel and taking fistfulls of the tiny gravel and letting them fall all over her....I said not a peep. A sight like that normally makes me cringe....ughh to dirty kids! It made me happy to see her happy. Oh well, at least it was in our own backyard and not a public park!

Monday, October 19, 2009

28 minutes

What can you do in 28 minutes? I put together the crib last night in 28 minutes!
Wahoo! All by myself too! Double Wahoo! Easiest things I have ever put together, however since my baby will have to sleep in that I don't know how secure I feel about that :-)! Anyway I only had to recruit the hubbie to help me unload the package from the Armada and trek the pieces up the stairs. Once I got the pieces out of the box the timer started and 28 mins later....

Alright, so I am impressed with myself, even if you aren't! I ordered the crib bedding and then have the bedding in mind for the full bed also so we can switch it out and actually match. Once the bedding comes we'll finish painting and decorate. We're still working on finding a dresser which will go up against the window/wall. My next big project....the dreaded closet. Here's what I am up against!

Along with that closet I have to tackle reorganizing Brooklyn's closet also. We need a bigger house!!!

I have only 99 days left to get my projects done! I hit 26 wks of PURE BLISS pregnancy today. Haha, we've had our rough patches, but I'm otherwise feeling great. Swollen and I have to pee and want to eat all the time, but otherwise it's been good to me. I've made up my mind for all my preggo friends that have been wondering and I am going to get my H1N1 vaccination. Too many sick people that I am surrounded by and I don't want to risk it. I have heard of way to many pregnant women getting sick and ending up hospitalized for me to want to take that risk

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hint of Dimples...

When Brooklyn was born she had one little tiny dimple about above the left side of her mouth. And then as she plumped up any hope of a dimple vanished in the excess of cheeks she developed. As she gets older and "thins" out, her cheeks are still there, but there are hints that maybe just maybe she might have some suttle dimples....Makes mamma happy!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

China Doll (American version)

How awesome is this outfit?! The top came with matching pants, but I thought I would mix it up with the jeans for some "American Flare". The shoes are my new favorite shoes that she owns.

One of the MANY reasons I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a girl!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

We don't need a reason to Dress Up

For being only 17 months old Brooklyn has quite the closet full of clothes. In fact she has two closets. One reserved for clothes that are still too big and another full of clothes that she currently fits. With her being so active we tend to go for the more casual/durable ensembles. She HATES wearing a bib so meal times leave for many stain fighting actions. The other day I went through her special occasion attire and realized there were still plenty she hasn't even worn yet. So we played dress-up with her and had her in one of the dresses. It's actually a skirt and top...but when Brooklyn had it on the top pulled up to be more of a mid drift type. Brett was THRILLED to come home to find her dancing around with her belly showing.....

Good thing we are having another girl so she can wear all the other dresses and outfits that Brooklyn never got to wear. It's amazing how many outfits get forgotten and by the time you go to try it on she's already too big for it.

Here's Deuce doing the Diaper check...think he's trying to tell us something?

Brooklyn loves to ham it up for the camara! She was actually singing what she can of the ABC's so that's why the tonsil shots....she can really belt it out.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Race for the Cure

Sunday afternoon we dressed in our pink and headed to downtown Phoenix to do the 5K walk in an effort to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Brooklyn thinking it's way to early to be up...what are all these people thinking?!

Alright, I'm up Daddy!!! Let's get walking!

Are we at the finish line yet?!

There's the finish line....

Here' brooklyn's reaction to the finish line...

OH well!...she was just saving her energy for the football games later that day.
Brett and I have been doing this for years and now I am glad to get my daughter(s) also involved in the cause. It's a cause incredibly near and dear to our hearts.

We walk to honor the memory of Grandma Cindy. I unfortunately never had the opportunity to have met my Mother-in-law, which saddens and breaks my heart. I do know what an incredible woman she was and what a wonderful spirit she has from those who were blessed to have had her in their lives tell me. She's raised and incredibly wonderful son who I am soo lucky to call my husband. I know alot if not most of what I love about Brett is because of Cindy. I know that her spirit continues to shine onto our family and in our lives as I count the many blessings around us.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Brett has been offered to manage a different branch starting next week and it was made official yesterday. This is HUGE for our household and we are completely elated!!!! He will be managing at the branch no more then 1/2 mile away from the house. SOO exciting for us and what this means.....
Driving less miles to work
Saving 9724 (approx) miles a year on car mileage
Saving $1250 (approx) a year on gas
Saving wear and tear on the cars
Saving 1 hour of travel time spent in the car
consequently more Family time!
Saving $$$ on lunch (Brett refuses to bring packed lunch) now can come home for lunch
consequently more Family time!
We are both very excited for this. It's a huge blessing for us and our family. With Brett being further away right now and with my work being even further there are times where Brett and I have to meet in a parking lot to do the "Brooklyn transfer" when I either get off work or have to go to work. It's a pain in the rear for us to plan and it just simply sucks. For the most part we are able to make the time before I have to got to work for us to be able to sit and have dinner together, but that doesn't always work. It's also sad for me to be able to only see Brett for a minute or so when he or I get home and the other has to take off to go to work. As you can see there are many reasons for us to be stoked for this!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Picture worth 1,000 words

Where do I even begin to talk about this picture? Priceless moments at the Stephenson House. 2 Best buds hanging out watching the world go by the front window.
You think Deuce will love Baby Stephenson as much as he just loves and adores his buddy Brooklyn?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Outdoor Playland

All in the confines of our blocked in yard. Too bad I can't trust her yet to hang out outdoors without supervision so I could get some stuff taken care of indoors.
That'll be a few years down the road still.

Here she is out the door. "FREE AT LAST!"

Pondering....where should I go to first? The options are endless....

The following day she insisted on taking her Dora ball and wearing her shades.

Trying desperately to get the ball up the ladder with her onto the top of the playset.

Some other random pics from the day....

It's fun watching her take off loose through the back yard and explore the whole place from wall to the next. God I love this weather!!!! I hear the midwest is talking about snow?! Yikes!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Well Needed Update!

Still here!

First off, WELCOME OCTOBER! Oh how I have missed you!!! I welcome you with open arms as long as you continue to come with 80 degree weather...summer here SUCKS!!!

Since we've been back from our trip it seems likes we've both been working non stop and trying to catch up on what we've missed while we were gone. House cleaning, bills, organizing, etc. Brett started teaching a new class this week and I have to admit it was nice to have him off from teaching the past few weeks so he's not stuck in the office doing school stuff. I've been busy with work and as always Brooklyn keeps us both extremely occupied. She loves going outside in the backyard and exploring as well as playing on her swing set. Which we don't mind at all since it's been GORGEOUS out....our A/C has been off all day long now and we sleep with the windows open. Every moment we get she's outside. Hillary, our sitter, discovered that she can take her there as an area of refuge....if she's cranky it's a no fail way to change the mood, although she's cranky if you take her back indoors. If you offer her the option of going outside and ask her if she wants to go she'll dart right for the patio door and stand there, sometimes patiently waiting for you to open the door, but more often then not she'll whine til the door gets open for her. Her vocab has blown up, to the point where I don't even bother trying to teach her sign langauage anymore. I am finding it's way easier to teach her to say the word because she picks up on that way quicker.
Mama has become a regular word in our house and I am no longer referred to as Daddy
Deuce-went from DEEE to Deuce spoken perfectly
MulKKKKKK (with an emphasis on the K, like she's clearing her throat)- MILK
uooookkkkk (emphasis on the K as well) Book
Moooo- her response to what a cow says
Bahl- Ball
Mapt- Map (somehow she manages to get a t sound in there...thank you DORA for teaching her this word).
NaNa- Grandma
So those are just a few more words that I can think of to add to her spoken vocab, but the list goes on when you include words she simply knows the meaning for but can't yet say. She knows where her eyes, ears, teeth, tummy, toes, tounge, and muscles (her biceps anyway) are. She knows where all of Deuce's are too. She'll sing along with you (or try) when it comes to Old McDonald and the Alphabet, she loves the itsy bitsy spider and will do her version of the Hula in the opening credits of Lilo and Stitch. Like they say, she's at that age where she's a sponge and just absorbs it all. You can't teach her enough in one day....she's constantly picking up new "tricks." I love it! She's doing well feeding herself with utensils, but needs help getting the food on the utensil itself. We had to take a few steps back with transitioning her to the booster chair and put her back in the highchair because she's managed to figure out how to slither her way out of the booster chair. She's quite the climber and if you put 2 chairs in one room with 4 walls I gurantee you she'll be entertained for hours climbing from one to the other. Brett and I can't seem to stop being amazed at everything new she does or discovers.

Baby on the way is also progressing very well. Mommy and baby just both seem to be growing and growing and growing. I had a Dr. check up the other day and my blood pressure, weight, and baby's heartbeat are all on track. We will have another ultrasound at the end of the month as well as my glucose test (which I am prepared to fail again the first time like I had done with Brooklyn). I am 24.5 weeks pregnant and can't believe how FAST it's gone by. Holidays are quickly approaching (which I did purchase my first XMAS gift the other day) and a few weeks after New Years we're gonna have 2 kiddos to fill our home! This time of year seems to always fly by, Halloween, My Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Years. All within weeks of each other. We still have to finish tackling the nursery and getting it set-up. The closet has been used for storage as well as Brooklyn's clothing overflow...that's a whole other project in itself.

I am still very torn about getting my H1N1 vaccination, which I won't get into right now, but I will have to say that there was no question in my Dr's mind on whether to get it or not. He didn't even really want to entertain my concerns given I work with Adult ICU patients.

By the way the who I know that's pregnant tally just hit 30 the other day, that's even with one giving birth and tacking one right back on! So "guess who's pregnant" gets spoken alot in our house and the response just never seems to shock us anymore. I've had my fill of shocking pregnancies the past few months so now it just can't be done anymore....TRY ME!