Monday, October 19, 2009

28 minutes

What can you do in 28 minutes? I put together the crib last night in 28 minutes!
Wahoo! All by myself too! Double Wahoo! Easiest things I have ever put together, however since my baby will have to sleep in that I don't know how secure I feel about that :-)! Anyway I only had to recruit the hubbie to help me unload the package from the Armada and trek the pieces up the stairs. Once I got the pieces out of the box the timer started and 28 mins later....

Alright, so I am impressed with myself, even if you aren't! I ordered the crib bedding and then have the bedding in mind for the full bed also so we can switch it out and actually match. Once the bedding comes we'll finish painting and decorate. We're still working on finding a dresser which will go up against the window/wall. My next big project....the dreaded closet. Here's what I am up against!

Along with that closet I have to tackle reorganizing Brooklyn's closet also. We need a bigger house!!!

I have only 99 days left to get my projects done! I hit 26 wks of PURE BLISS pregnancy today. Haha, we've had our rough patches, but I'm otherwise feeling great. Swollen and I have to pee and want to eat all the time, but otherwise it's been good to me. I've made up my mind for all my preggo friends that have been wondering and I am going to get my H1N1 vaccination. Too many sick people that I am surrounded by and I don't want to risk it. I have heard of way to many pregnant women getting sick and ending up hospitalized for me to want to take that risk


Anonymous said...

So glad you're getting it. It's really hitting pregnant women hard. I have 100% decided to get it for Amaya and myself, too. Scott's 100% on board with getting it, also. Yeah!!! Crib looks great...I'm impressed. :-) -Becky

Nicole said...

we had been tackling Jonah's closet for months and FINALLY got it emptied out last week...although some of it is still in the hallway, it is still nice to have it cleaned out...just one trip to Goodwill and we will be done...Ella's closet is jammed packed with bins and bins of clothes that don't fit her and just wouldn't look appropriate on jonah :)
good luck to you!

Riecke's said...

Good thing you're having another girl! We have battled closets and got rid of what feels like half our house, but they are still cluttered. I guess that never goes away! Can't wait to see your finished project! Love you!