Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Race for the Cure

Sunday afternoon we dressed in our pink and headed to downtown Phoenix to do the 5K walk in an effort to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Brooklyn thinking it's way to early to be up...what are all these people thinking?!

Alright, I'm up Daddy!!! Let's get walking!

Are we at the finish line yet?!

There's the finish line....

Here' brooklyn's reaction to the finish line...

OH well!...she was just saving her energy for the football games later that day.
Brett and I have been doing this for years and now I am glad to get my daughter(s) also involved in the cause. It's a cause incredibly near and dear to our hearts.

We walk to honor the memory of Grandma Cindy. I unfortunately never had the opportunity to have met my Mother-in-law, which saddens and breaks my heart. I do know what an incredible woman she was and what a wonderful spirit she has from those who were blessed to have had her in their lives tell me. She's raised and incredibly wonderful son who I am soo lucky to call my husband. I know alot if not most of what I love about Brett is because of Cindy. I know that her spirit continues to shine onto our family and in our lives as I count the many blessings around us.

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