Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Brett has been offered to manage a different branch starting next week and it was made official yesterday. This is HUGE for our household and we are completely elated!!!! He will be managing at the branch no more then 1/2 mile away from the house. SOO exciting for us and what this means.....
Driving less miles to work
Saving 9724 (approx) miles a year on car mileage
Saving $1250 (approx) a year on gas
Saving wear and tear on the cars
Saving 1 hour of travel time spent in the car
consequently more Family time!
Saving $$$ on lunch (Brett refuses to bring packed lunch) now can come home for lunch
consequently more Family time!
We are both very excited for this. It's a huge blessing for us and our family. With Brett being further away right now and with my work being even further there are times where Brett and I have to meet in a parking lot to do the "Brooklyn transfer" when I either get off work or have to go to work. It's a pain in the rear for us to plan and it just simply sucks. For the most part we are able to make the time before I have to got to work for us to be able to sit and have dinner together, but that doesn't always work. It's also sad for me to be able to only see Brett for a minute or so when he or I get home and the other has to take off to go to work. As you can see there are many reasons for us to be stoked for this!

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