Thursday, October 15, 2009

We don't need a reason to Dress Up

For being only 17 months old Brooklyn has quite the closet full of clothes. In fact she has two closets. One reserved for clothes that are still too big and another full of clothes that she currently fits. With her being so active we tend to go for the more casual/durable ensembles. She HATES wearing a bib so meal times leave for many stain fighting actions. The other day I went through her special occasion attire and realized there were still plenty she hasn't even worn yet. So we played dress-up with her and had her in one of the dresses. It's actually a skirt and top...but when Brooklyn had it on the top pulled up to be more of a mid drift type. Brett was THRILLED to come home to find her dancing around with her belly showing.....

Good thing we are having another girl so she can wear all the other dresses and outfits that Brooklyn never got to wear. It's amazing how many outfits get forgotten and by the time you go to try it on she's already too big for it.

Here's Deuce doing the Diaper check...think he's trying to tell us something?

Brooklyn loves to ham it up for the camara! She was actually singing what she can of the ABC's so that's why the tonsil shots....she can really belt it out.

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