Friday, October 9, 2009

Well Needed Update!

Still here!

First off, WELCOME OCTOBER! Oh how I have missed you!!! I welcome you with open arms as long as you continue to come with 80 degree weather...summer here SUCKS!!!

Since we've been back from our trip it seems likes we've both been working non stop and trying to catch up on what we've missed while we were gone. House cleaning, bills, organizing, etc. Brett started teaching a new class this week and I have to admit it was nice to have him off from teaching the past few weeks so he's not stuck in the office doing school stuff. I've been busy with work and as always Brooklyn keeps us both extremely occupied. She loves going outside in the backyard and exploring as well as playing on her swing set. Which we don't mind at all since it's been GORGEOUS out....our A/C has been off all day long now and we sleep with the windows open. Every moment we get she's outside. Hillary, our sitter, discovered that she can take her there as an area of refuge....if she's cranky it's a no fail way to change the mood, although she's cranky if you take her back indoors. If you offer her the option of going outside and ask her if she wants to go she'll dart right for the patio door and stand there, sometimes patiently waiting for you to open the door, but more often then not she'll whine til the door gets open for her. Her vocab has blown up, to the point where I don't even bother trying to teach her sign langauage anymore. I am finding it's way easier to teach her to say the word because she picks up on that way quicker.
Mama has become a regular word in our house and I am no longer referred to as Daddy
Deuce-went from DEEE to Deuce spoken perfectly
MulKKKKKK (with an emphasis on the K, like she's clearing her throat)- MILK
uooookkkkk (emphasis on the K as well) Book
Moooo- her response to what a cow says
Bahl- Ball
Mapt- Map (somehow she manages to get a t sound in there...thank you DORA for teaching her this word).
NaNa- Grandma
So those are just a few more words that I can think of to add to her spoken vocab, but the list goes on when you include words she simply knows the meaning for but can't yet say. She knows where her eyes, ears, teeth, tummy, toes, tounge, and muscles (her biceps anyway) are. She knows where all of Deuce's are too. She'll sing along with you (or try) when it comes to Old McDonald and the Alphabet, she loves the itsy bitsy spider and will do her version of the Hula in the opening credits of Lilo and Stitch. Like they say, she's at that age where she's a sponge and just absorbs it all. You can't teach her enough in one day....she's constantly picking up new "tricks." I love it! She's doing well feeding herself with utensils, but needs help getting the food on the utensil itself. We had to take a few steps back with transitioning her to the booster chair and put her back in the highchair because she's managed to figure out how to slither her way out of the booster chair. She's quite the climber and if you put 2 chairs in one room with 4 walls I gurantee you she'll be entertained for hours climbing from one to the other. Brett and I can't seem to stop being amazed at everything new she does or discovers.

Baby on the way is also progressing very well. Mommy and baby just both seem to be growing and growing and growing. I had a Dr. check up the other day and my blood pressure, weight, and baby's heartbeat are all on track. We will have another ultrasound at the end of the month as well as my glucose test (which I am prepared to fail again the first time like I had done with Brooklyn). I am 24.5 weeks pregnant and can't believe how FAST it's gone by. Holidays are quickly approaching (which I did purchase my first XMAS gift the other day) and a few weeks after New Years we're gonna have 2 kiddos to fill our home! This time of year seems to always fly by, Halloween, My Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Years. All within weeks of each other. We still have to finish tackling the nursery and getting it set-up. The closet has been used for storage as well as Brooklyn's clothing overflow...that's a whole other project in itself.

I am still very torn about getting my H1N1 vaccination, which I won't get into right now, but I will have to say that there was no question in my Dr's mind on whether to get it or not. He didn't even really want to entertain my concerns given I work with Adult ICU patients.

By the way the who I know that's pregnant tally just hit 30 the other day, that's even with one giving birth and tacking one right back on! So "guess who's pregnant" gets spoken alot in our house and the response just never seems to shock us anymore. I've had my fill of shocking pregnancies the past few months so now it just can't be done anymore....TRY ME!

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Nichole said...

guess who's pregnant? lol, no for real um we need to have a quick chit chat about that H1N1 ...gotta reference my prego-nurse friend to see how she feels...glad all is well!