Sunday, November 29, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

Christmas has officially begun in the Stephenson household! We put up the tree last night and Brooklyn was THRILLED by it, then today during her nap I put all the tree's ornaments and trimmings. When she got up the tree was complete and she came down the stairs and said "wow!" I debated whether going thru the trouble of decorating this year since I have other things like Baby prep to do, but it's moments like seeing your child take in the magic of the decorated lit up christmas tree that make it worth the hassle! She wasn't old enough last year to even really notice the house transformation, but this year she's definitely taken note. I didn't decorate the other tree we have this year, aka my Hanukah Bush, since I have to still keep the house baby proofed. A lit up 5 ft tree with ornaments placed in the same room that Brooklyn mainly plays in isn't exactly child safe. The lay out of our house is nice for times like this since I can keep the big 9 ft tree in the living room and gate Brooklyn out of there. She can still enjoy the tree thru the glass window paneling.

When she is in the living room she's supervised and of course she goes straight for pulling the ornaments down and playing with them. She's good at stopping when we say "no touch" or "ah-uh" but then she's your typical toddler and continues on while making direct eye contact with us to see how far she can push it. Gotta love her for trying! So the magic of Christmas has officially begun at our house! Too bad it only lasts a month (I am willing to bet that the tree stays up for quite some time after though because I doubt that I'll be getting my 9 month pregnant butt up and down a ladder to dis-assemble it!) My most favorite part of decorating the tree is taking all the new ornaments that Brett and I bought through the year from the different places we visited and adding them to the ornament collection. We started doing this since our honeymoon and it has become a tradition of ours. Hopefully when we are old and grey and celebrating Christmas with our girls and hopefully even their kids we'll look back at our tree and see it full of ornaments and memories of the world we traveled together.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Height of Expectation

Brooklyn had her 18 month check up Friday afternoon. When she saw the nurse though she looked straight at her, tears filling her eyes and quietly said "uh-oh." I think she's got the pediatrician office all figured out! Brooklyn is only 22 lbs, but then get this, she's 32 inches tall which is 75th percentile. I am willing to bet she's not and there was an error in measurement. I think on her growth chart at home she's only 30 inches. I definitely don't expect to have a tall daughter..that would blow my mind! Just about the same odds as if Baby 2 came out with blonde hair! (Which I guess is a possibilty cause look at Uncle Jamey and Brett's baby pics.) Although she is tall enough that I have to move all my jewelry in my armoire to the higher drawers because this is what ends up happening....

She likes to play in my shoes, and even has her favorite white wedges of mine that she insists on wearing. She's starting to show preferance on what shoes she wants to wear with her outfits. Though she did insist on wearing Dora sneakers with her pink Thanksgving dress. I'll give her credit for trying to match, but we still are working on the fashion do's and dont's. It took a little distraction to get her to switch the shoes to matching dressy shoes. She'll mimick me doing my hair or brushing it as well as Brett. She's quite the preformer.... dancer and a singer, but who know's if there's any true talent behind that. I would be blown away if she can even sing a note....if you've ever heard Brett and I belt out some tunes you'd be blown away too! It looks like she's turing out to be my girly girl!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving! GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!

We enjoyed what's become our yearly tradition of Thanksgiving dinner with the Tathams. We normally celebrate with the Riecke's also, but this year since Ella is barely a week old they decided to lay low. Three other tots running around is probably too much stimulation for a 1 week old to handle :)! Brett was the wonderful hubbie and cooked a WONDERFUL turkey and James was the other wonderful hubbie that cooked the fixin's!!! I chipped in with green bean casserole (not rocket science by ANY means ) and Teenie's Rice noodle casserole. I am telling you that Joo and I married well! We've got it right at our households! I'm stuffed and about to curl up on the couch with the hubbie and read a book with my pumpkin pie. Life is sooo good!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby Stephenson's Nursery Progression

Yesterday I hit 31 weeks! WAHOO! Next week I will be 32 weeks and to a NICU nurse that's a gestational milestone in where I can rest a little bit easier since my baby wouldn't be extremely premature and definately not a "gummy." Gummy phase we passed a while ago, and trust me if you don't know what I am talking about, you're better off. I am very very excited to be welcome her home, but can certainly be patient enough to wait til her due date. That hasn't stopped me from getting prepared at our house. Her Nursery is almost done. Just a few more organizational things to take care of and a few more decorative touches.

I still absolutely love how it's turing out despite the constant griping I hear from Brett in regards to the full size bed stuck in the room. Brett thinks we're cheating baby #2 out of her own room by keeping the guest bed in there to act as our guest room also. We have no where else to put the full bed to accomodate our guests because Brett insists on keeping our 4th bedroom an office with no room to accomodate the extra bed.

I enjoy guests and completely love it and welcome it when we have friends and family visit us that I refuse to make them sleep on couches or the air mattress if I can avoid it. So this is my solution.

We got all new office funiture about a year ago not thinking we would need the space for baby #2 for quite some time and by then we thought we'd have Brooklyn hopefully transitioned into a "big girl" full bed and that would also serve as a guest bed if needed. But plans didn't go that way and instead we need 2 cribs in our house simutaneously. I couldn't be any happier with our glitch in life planning! For now I'm just planning on baby's arrival. I need to find the "perfect" lamp and I am still working on letters for her name to go up. All of the linens and baby clothes that we have so far are washed and put away. I just have a few more things to get cleaned up like the car seat and baby carrier. I am patiently waiting til after the holidays to pack a hospital bag. Crazy to think this is all going to happen in 2 months! This month has flown by and I can't even imagine how quickly December will come and go. Grandpa Mike is coming the week before Christmas and My parents will be here the week of Christmas. Then I'll have a few weeks of Janurary to rest up, recover from the holidays, and spend some quiet quality time with Brooklyn and Brett. I will have last minute things to get prepared before Baby comes! I am otherwise feeling good. I have had contractions for a few months now, but nothing serious. My doctor tossed around the idea of me taking it easy at work or cutting my hours, but we're going to re-evaluate that at my next week appt. I'm tired, but who isn't working full time, 31 wks pregnant and having a 18 month old to chase around. I get help about 1 time a week with our part time Nanny, Hillary, whom I absolutely adore! But she's taking a month long vacation to Australia and Thailand. We won't see her again til Jan til right before the baby comes. I feel huge, but I'm not at the point where I have to roll out of bed cause I can't sit up. I haven't gained too much weight, I think I am right on with where I was at at this time pregnant with Brooklyn. So that's encouraging. We'll see where I tip the scales tomorrow after our big turkey dinner! We're having the Tatham's over for the afternoon to join us in our holiday festivities! When we're away from our "real" family it's always nice to know we have such great friends here that we consider our AZ family!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Elizabeth Ann Riecke

I went to visit Anjee and Bill's newest family yesterday! So cute! Here she is.

She looks sooo tiny, but she weighed in at 7# 14oz! You can see that she looks just like Will when he was born and Anjee and Bill and very much in love with her! Congrats again to the Riecke family!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bikes, Bounce and Boogie

This morning after Brooklyn's play class we stuck around to play at the rec center's monthly kiddie event. To avoid Mommy guilt this time I made plans to hang out (refer to October blog posting titled "Mom Guilt" if you have no idea what I am talking about). We met Joo and Ellie there to play. Enjoy the pictures....

Miss Ellie!!!! Sooo Cute!

Last month Brooklyn freaked out when we didn't stay and play because I was in a rush to get her home and nap and as you can see by the pictures that although she was playing and interested she was very tired. She was yawning and ready to go before I was even ready!! Brooklyn has started to break from her attached to my side phase and is showing interest in exploring on her own and interested in other kiddos. She spent nearly 9 hours at Anjee and Will's on sunday and you can tell that Will has rubbed off on her. She was pushing her toy cars around the house the next day making car sounds and then at class today she went up to the other little boy that's her age and grabbed his hands to play. Such a relief and so nice to see that Brooklyn's not going to be anti-social
:-)!! Things that I worry about though...I tell ya, this parenting stuff ain't easy! I am always worried about socializing her and making sure that she gets enough. Day care was never an option for us and the only con we have with that is that she doesn't get that peer interaction. I fear my child being the one that kicks screams and cries the whole time when she finally goes to pre-school or kindergarten. We're going to have to do more classes and playdates!
P.S. Got plans to visit Baby Ella Riecke this evening! I'll post about her once I get pictures! Happy Birthday Miss Ella! Congrats Bill Anjee MJ and Will!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Ella (Riecke)

I saw your mommy today (and you sorta) and wanted to let you know that it's okay to come out of your mommy's tummy any time now. Your mommy is really anxious to meet you as is the rest of the world. Although your mommy still looks good I can tell she'd rather be holding you in her arms and not in her belly. I tried to get you to come out by treating your mommy for her birthday with massages and mexican and even made your mommy walk the stairs and bend over herself to pick up everything she dropped, but no such luck. If you don't come by weds morning the doctor will go in and get you himself, but I bet your mommy would be happier to meet you sooner! If you can pass the message along to your fetus friend, baby stephenson, that she can wait 7 more weeks but no more then 9 weeks to come see you that would be great! We're all very excited to meet you!

"Auntie" Mae

Monday, November 9, 2009

Button Nose

I finally am getting around to scanning the ultrasound images from our Appt last weds.

She must have Brett's Nose because that's quite the button for a Filipina! We're excited to see who she looks like! I am still hoping for some blonde ringlets!

Best part about another pair of girly feet in our house..... Once they get older, that'll be one more pair of shoes I can borrow!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Pictures

Here's our family of 3...with one still cooking so 4 my birthday dinner at Cantina Laredo.

Our little Bears fan.....see the smile when she's cheering on her Bears?! (she is not even upset they lost!)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Anjee's Shower Pictures....

I stole these from Anjee's blog, so if you want Anjee's commentary please check out her website

Guys being Boys....

Leave it to Brett to pass out the sweets....

Brooklyn wondering what she needs to do to get Will to share?!

My Birthday Cake compliments of Anjee (notice all the sweets and sugar served this day?!)....who needs a hose to put out the flames....just ask Will to help blow the fire out.....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brooklyn's New Boyfriend

Brooklyn's newest Nickelodeon obsession is Diego. She still does the happy dance for Kai Lan and Dora, but you can see the sparkle in her eyes when Diego appears. She sings along with the opening credits and during the "GO DIEGO GO" part she sings, GA-GO. Ga-GO is now how she refers to Diego...hey, whatever works! We get what she is saying. With Diego she gets a huge grin on her face and taps her right foot up and down...that's her version of Dancing these days.

Her other clutch saying these days is when Deuce gets up on the table to beg for food (thanks to Brett who feeds him from the table) Brooklyn says in perfect clear english..."Get DOwn (insert slight pause here) Deuce" Brooklyn's very polite whenever we leave somewhere, she'll say "Bye Bye", wave and then make sure to say Thank You -pronounced "Tay U" to the people working at whatever establishment we were visiting. Although today while her and I were enjoying breakfast at Crackers & CO. she waved bye bye to the other patrons and thanked them. Just gotta love her for trying!!! I'm not about to try and correct her for attempting for good manners!

I had my 28 week Dr. Appt this morning. PASSED my glucose test! Wahoo! Wasn't expecting that....I totally thought I would be in to sit at the lab to do the 3 hour fasting glucose test. My Hemoglobin and Hematocrit levels are surprise there, might explain the shortness of breath (along with a baby pressing on my diaphragm and lungs). Nothing a little Red Meat and maybe some Iron supplements can't fix. On the way out the Nurse Practioner reminded me that I would need to up my visits to every 2 weeks now...and that's when Panic set in. Holy cow, I'm seriously at this point already?! So much to do and yet still excited!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dirty Thirty!!!

30 years ago today marks the anniversary my Mom gave birth to me...after having my own child and now about to push out #2 I know this day really ought to be about her :). She did the work...I just get the presents! Sooo spoiled!! Hehe. (Thanks mom!!) Anyway the day has been extremely laid back. We're having a power outage crisis and only a few lights and 1 tv work in the house. Yeah, I least we have a TV!
I guess the electrical company needs to get a crew and have them go underground to fix the faulty line. Good thing I don't need AC right now! As many of you know my official celebration happened in NYC, this day is just my added bonus! This afternoon we had another ultrasound and it was a wonderful birthday present. Everything looks healthy and baby is growing just as she should be. Measuring right on and estimating 2#8oz big! Not to large....thank god! After our appt we headed back home to sit in our semi powerless home so Brooklyn can take her afternoon nap. Brett and I are playing scrabble and enjoying the afternoon. When Brooklyn gets up we are heading to dinner at San Tan Village. (Where?, I haven't decided yet) Wherever we end up won't matter because I will be just where I want on my birthday, with my awesome hubbie and beautiful daughter!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


My Brother and his Wifey announced the greatest news yesterday!!! They're having a baby! Shock to us all (since Rachelle was adamant about waiting a few more years before children became part of their everyday lives) but incredible news! I personally am very excited to be an Aunt once again. I'm excited to see how my Brother takes on Fatherhood...I am sure he will be an absolutely terrific Dad. I wanted to share a picture from Rachelle's blog that she posted of my Brother and my Dad from way back in the day.....too cute!

Andro and Rachelle's due date is May incredible day to have a baby for 2 reasons. 1) Mine and Brett's Wedding anniversary and 2) My Dad's birthday (the reason why we chose to get married on May 12th, 2007). Hope Rachelle is one of those few people that actually deliver on their due date! Congrats again to the parents to be! We're soo excited to welcome the newest Dio!

Nursery Update....

So this is what we have accomplished so far! We painted the back wall and got all our bedding. I have to work on paintind the letters for her name that will go up above the crib, but that won't go up until she comes home. Element of surprise!

I love how the blue turned out. It took me an extra trip to Home Depot for them to re-do my original color I had them mix up. I am glad I did it though and didn't stick with my first color. Now we are on the hunt for a dresser so I can finally clean out the closet and organize that. Still working on a few more items to hang on the wall also....but I wanted to post what we had so far because I am just in love with how it's turning out.


I am very delayed on this post because we have had a very very busy and fun weekend. Friday afternoon we went to the Riecke's house for a halloween playdate. It was soo fun seeing the kiddos in their costumes.

The UPS guy and a beaver made their appearances at the party. A beaver that mows the lawn?! Crazy things happen in East Mesa!

Here's Abby Cadabby

And Olivia the Flower hanging out with Will....

Too Cute! Brooklyn was very intrigued by Miss Olivia and kept screaming "Bay-bEE" when I was holding her. She was sweet and gave her kisses and didn't show any signs of jealousy, but we'll see how true that holds when Baby #2 takes her place here at home and Brooklyn realizes that she isn't going anywhere!

Stolen from Erin's Blog site:

I had to include this picture because it's of Will who is expecting his new little sister anyday now and of Brooklyn who is also preparing for her sister. They just loved Olivia and Olivia seemed quite content having the attention. Isn't she just sooo cute! Check out her smile!

For Halloween Brooklyn dressed up just like her most favorite friend, Deuce. She was a puppy....

So on saturday we went to a friends of Brett's from work and hung out there passing out candy and making our way to a few homes for Brooklyn and their kiddos to cash in on some candy. Brooklyn was more intrigued by the neighborhood dogs hanging out. Go figure! She did enjoy some candy and kept digging her way in for more.

We enjoyed the nice evening. Laid back! First time we didn't hang out at our own home and pass out candy. Lord knows how well Deuce did with the doorbell ringing constantly.

The busy weekend continued on Sunday. I had Anjee's Baby shower here sunday afternoon so the morning was spent cleaning and prepping, while trying to catch some football.

I only was able to capture 1 picture from the afternoon....waiting for Anjee to post some on her blog so I can steal :). It was a nice relaxing afternoon! Brett was banished to upstairs to watch the football game and was in charge of Deuce and Brooklyn so I didn't have to worry about my two little ones. The guys that came to the shower headed upstairs also to catch the game....last thing I am sure they wanted to do was talking about childbearing and childrearing :-)! After the shower the Tathams and Rieckes hung out and we BBQ'd....well I should say Joo cleaned up the place and Bill grilled. They were so nice to let Anjee and I sit with our feet up! I loved having them over for a beautiful evening out in our patio, catching up, and having the tots play. CRAZY how are lives have changed! I am not even going to talk about what we were doing 3 years ago....Angelo's and Village INN were a few of my fondest memories!

So that's how our weekend was spent. It was busy and fun filled.