Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baby Stephenson's Nursery Progression

Yesterday I hit 31 weeks! WAHOO! Next week I will be 32 weeks and to a NICU nurse that's a gestational milestone in where I can rest a little bit easier since my baby wouldn't be extremely premature and definately not a "gummy." Gummy phase we passed a while ago, and trust me if you don't know what I am talking about, you're better off. I am very very excited to be welcome her home, but can certainly be patient enough to wait til her due date. That hasn't stopped me from getting prepared at our house. Her Nursery is almost done. Just a few more organizational things to take care of and a few more decorative touches.

I still absolutely love how it's turing out despite the constant griping I hear from Brett in regards to the full size bed stuck in the room. Brett thinks we're cheating baby #2 out of her own room by keeping the guest bed in there to act as our guest room also. We have no where else to put the full bed to accomodate our guests because Brett insists on keeping our 4th bedroom an office with no room to accomodate the extra bed.

I enjoy guests and completely love it and welcome it when we have friends and family visit us that I refuse to make them sleep on couches or the air mattress if I can avoid it. So this is my solution.

We got all new office funiture about a year ago not thinking we would need the space for baby #2 for quite some time and by then we thought we'd have Brooklyn hopefully transitioned into a "big girl" full bed and that would also serve as a guest bed if needed. But plans didn't go that way and instead we need 2 cribs in our house simutaneously. I couldn't be any happier with our glitch in life planning! For now I'm just planning on baby's arrival. I need to find the "perfect" lamp and I am still working on letters for her name to go up. All of the linens and baby clothes that we have so far are washed and put away. I just have a few more things to get cleaned up like the car seat and baby carrier. I am patiently waiting til after the holidays to pack a hospital bag. Crazy to think this is all going to happen in 2 months! This month has flown by and I can't even imagine how quickly December will come and go. Grandpa Mike is coming the week before Christmas and My parents will be here the week of Christmas. Then I'll have a few weeks of Janurary to rest up, recover from the holidays, and spend some quiet quality time with Brooklyn and Brett. I will have last minute things to get prepared before Baby comes! I am otherwise feeling good. I have had contractions for a few months now, but nothing serious. My doctor tossed around the idea of me taking it easy at work or cutting my hours, but we're going to re-evaluate that at my next week appt. I'm tired, but who isn't working full time, 31 wks pregnant and having a 18 month old to chase around. I get help about 1 time a week with our part time Nanny, Hillary, whom I absolutely adore! But she's taking a month long vacation to Australia and Thailand. We won't see her again til Jan til right before the baby comes. I feel huge, but I'm not at the point where I have to roll out of bed cause I can't sit up. I haven't gained too much weight, I think I am right on with where I was at at this time pregnant with Brooklyn. So that's encouraging. We'll see where I tip the scales tomorrow after our big turkey dinner! We're having the Tatham's over for the afternoon to join us in our holiday festivities! When we're away from our "real" family it's always nice to know we have such great friends here that we consider our AZ family!


Becky said...

Looks great! Now just show us the letters for her name. ;-) They don't have to be in order. Make it a word scramble.

Nichole said...

So proud of you! You are almost done! But one thing...why are you avoiding your tummy pics? You showed off for Brooklyn, don't get embarrassed now!! (like I can talk) But my shower is this Saturday, so I'm sure I will have more pics of me and my big baby bump! MISS YOU!!!

Riecke's said...

Lookin good Mama! And the rooms too . Hee hee.. You're so talented! And bonus for you. Whoever sleeps on the guest bed has to get up with Baby 2!!!!'re also smart! Call me later. Miss you today!