Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bikes, Bounce and Boogie

This morning after Brooklyn's play class we stuck around to play at the rec center's monthly kiddie event. To avoid Mommy guilt this time I made plans to hang out (refer to October blog posting titled "Mom Guilt" if you have no idea what I am talking about). We met Joo and Ellie there to play. Enjoy the pictures....

Miss Ellie!!!! Sooo Cute!

Last month Brooklyn freaked out when we didn't stay and play because I was in a rush to get her home and nap and as you can see by the pictures that although she was playing and interested she was very tired. She was yawning and ready to go before I was even ready!! Brooklyn has started to break from her attached to my side phase and is showing interest in exploring on her own and interested in other kiddos. She spent nearly 9 hours at Anjee and Will's on sunday and you can tell that Will has rubbed off on her. She was pushing her toy cars around the house the next day making car sounds and then at class today she went up to the other little boy that's her age and grabbed his hands to play. Such a relief and so nice to see that Brooklyn's not going to be anti-social
:-)!! Things that I worry about though...I tell ya, this parenting stuff ain't easy! I am always worried about socializing her and making sure that she gets enough. Day care was never an option for us and the only con we have with that is that she doesn't get that peer interaction. I fear my child being the one that kicks screams and cries the whole time when she finally goes to pre-school or kindergarten. We're going to have to do more classes and playdates!
P.S. Got plans to visit Baby Ella Riecke this evening! I'll post about her once I get pictures! Happy Birthday Miss Ella! Congrats Bill Anjee MJ and Will!!!!

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