Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Ella (Riecke)

I saw your mommy today (and you sorta) and wanted to let you know that it's okay to come out of your mommy's tummy any time now. Your mommy is really anxious to meet you as is the rest of the world. Although your mommy still looks good I can tell she'd rather be holding you in her arms and not in her belly. I tried to get you to come out by treating your mommy for her birthday with massages and mexican and even made your mommy walk the stairs and bend over herself to pick up everything she dropped, but no such luck. If you don't come by weds morning the doctor will go in and get you himself, but I bet your mommy would be happier to meet you sooner! If you can pass the message along to your fetus friend, baby stephenson, that she can wait 7 more weeks but no more then 9 weeks to come see you that would be great! We're all very excited to meet you!

"Auntie" Mae


Riecke's said...

You are the best Auntie Mae! Thanks for the pep talk, but I'm awfully comfortable in here. I enjoy Mommy throwing up and Will jumping on me.... I enjoy Mommies breathlessness and swollen ankles! As for Baby Stephenson, I think she and I will have a talk and she'll stay in til 40 weeks too! We are tight like that! Love you Auntie Mae! Thank you for loving my Mommy so much!

Nichole said...

Can yall little girls give a shout out to Baby Sampson, or maybe not...maybe she shouldn't hang around babies that are bad influences (lol) telling her to stay in longer and what not! 10 weeks! Mommies- Atleast u all know what all of this feels like from prior experience...I wake up every morning wondering what the hell is going on with me!!!LOL aaah