Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dirty Thirty!!!

30 years ago today marks the anniversary my Mom gave birth to me...after having my own child and now about to push out #2 I know this day really ought to be about her :). She did the work...I just get the presents! Sooo spoiled!! Hehe. (Thanks mom!!) Anyway the day has been extremely laid back. We're having a power outage crisis and only a few lights and 1 tv work in the house. Yeah, I least we have a TV!
I guess the electrical company needs to get a crew and have them go underground to fix the faulty line. Good thing I don't need AC right now! As many of you know my official celebration happened in NYC, this day is just my added bonus! This afternoon we had another ultrasound and it was a wonderful birthday present. Everything looks healthy and baby is growing just as she should be. Measuring right on and estimating 2#8oz big! Not to large....thank god! After our appt we headed back home to sit in our semi powerless home so Brooklyn can take her afternoon nap. Brett and I are playing scrabble and enjoying the afternoon. When Brooklyn gets up we are heading to dinner at San Tan Village. (Where?, I haven't decided yet) Wherever we end up won't matter because I will be just where I want on my birthday, with my awesome hubbie and beautiful daughter!!!!

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Our Family said...

Happy Birthday! Saw it on facebook but forgot to write it there. Brooklyn was very cute for Halloween. :)