Monday, November 2, 2009


I am very delayed on this post because we have had a very very busy and fun weekend. Friday afternoon we went to the Riecke's house for a halloween playdate. It was soo fun seeing the kiddos in their costumes.

The UPS guy and a beaver made their appearances at the party. A beaver that mows the lawn?! Crazy things happen in East Mesa!

Here's Abby Cadabby

And Olivia the Flower hanging out with Will....

Too Cute! Brooklyn was very intrigued by Miss Olivia and kept screaming "Bay-bEE" when I was holding her. She was sweet and gave her kisses and didn't show any signs of jealousy, but we'll see how true that holds when Baby #2 takes her place here at home and Brooklyn realizes that she isn't going anywhere!

Stolen from Erin's Blog site:

I had to include this picture because it's of Will who is expecting his new little sister anyday now and of Brooklyn who is also preparing for her sister. They just loved Olivia and Olivia seemed quite content having the attention. Isn't she just sooo cute! Check out her smile!

For Halloween Brooklyn dressed up just like her most favorite friend, Deuce. She was a puppy....

So on saturday we went to a friends of Brett's from work and hung out there passing out candy and making our way to a few homes for Brooklyn and their kiddos to cash in on some candy. Brooklyn was more intrigued by the neighborhood dogs hanging out. Go figure! She did enjoy some candy and kept digging her way in for more.

We enjoyed the nice evening. Laid back! First time we didn't hang out at our own home and pass out candy. Lord knows how well Deuce did with the doorbell ringing constantly.

The busy weekend continued on Sunday. I had Anjee's Baby shower here sunday afternoon so the morning was spent cleaning and prepping, while trying to catch some football.

I only was able to capture 1 picture from the afternoon....waiting for Anjee to post some on her blog so I can steal :). It was a nice relaxing afternoon! Brett was banished to upstairs to watch the football game and was in charge of Deuce and Brooklyn so I didn't have to worry about my two little ones. The guys that came to the shower headed upstairs also to catch the game....last thing I am sure they wanted to do was talking about childbearing and childrearing :-)! After the shower the Tathams and Rieckes hung out and we BBQ'd....well I should say Joo cleaned up the place and Bill grilled. They were so nice to let Anjee and I sit with our feet up! I loved having them over for a beautiful evening out in our patio, catching up, and having the tots play. CRAZY how are lives have changed! I am not even going to talk about what we were doing 3 years ago....Angelo's and Village INN were a few of my fondest memories!

So that's how our weekend was spent. It was busy and fun filled.


The West Family said...

So sad we had to miss the party. All the kiddos look adorable. But it was good to see the ladies on Sunday! Thanks again for a great afternoon.

Riecke's said...

oh my ...yes, there were some memories! Some we should never share with anyone...hee heee... Thank you for my wonderful shower!

Riecke's said...

ummm. next year I want to go trick or treating with you... a 12 pack of Corona! Yes!