Saturday, November 28, 2009

Height of Expectation

Brooklyn had her 18 month check up Friday afternoon. When she saw the nurse though she looked straight at her, tears filling her eyes and quietly said "uh-oh." I think she's got the pediatrician office all figured out! Brooklyn is only 22 lbs, but then get this, she's 32 inches tall which is 75th percentile. I am willing to bet she's not and there was an error in measurement. I think on her growth chart at home she's only 30 inches. I definitely don't expect to have a tall daughter..that would blow my mind! Just about the same odds as if Baby 2 came out with blonde hair! (Which I guess is a possibilty cause look at Uncle Jamey and Brett's baby pics.) Although she is tall enough that I have to move all my jewelry in my armoire to the higher drawers because this is what ends up happening....

She likes to play in my shoes, and even has her favorite white wedges of mine that she insists on wearing. She's starting to show preferance on what shoes she wants to wear with her outfits. Though she did insist on wearing Dora sneakers with her pink Thanksgving dress. I'll give her credit for trying to match, but we still are working on the fashion do's and dont's. It took a little distraction to get her to switch the shoes to matching dressy shoes. She'll mimick me doing my hair or brushing it as well as Brett. She's quite the preformer.... dancer and a singer, but who know's if there's any true talent behind that. I would be blown away if she can even sing a note....if you've ever heard Brett and I belt out some tunes you'd be blown away too! It looks like she's turing out to be my girly girl!

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