Sunday, November 29, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

Christmas has officially begun in the Stephenson household! We put up the tree last night and Brooklyn was THRILLED by it, then today during her nap I put all the tree's ornaments and trimmings. When she got up the tree was complete and she came down the stairs and said "wow!" I debated whether going thru the trouble of decorating this year since I have other things like Baby prep to do, but it's moments like seeing your child take in the magic of the decorated lit up christmas tree that make it worth the hassle! She wasn't old enough last year to even really notice the house transformation, but this year she's definitely taken note. I didn't decorate the other tree we have this year, aka my Hanukah Bush, since I have to still keep the house baby proofed. A lit up 5 ft tree with ornaments placed in the same room that Brooklyn mainly plays in isn't exactly child safe. The lay out of our house is nice for times like this since I can keep the big 9 ft tree in the living room and gate Brooklyn out of there. She can still enjoy the tree thru the glass window paneling.

When she is in the living room she's supervised and of course she goes straight for pulling the ornaments down and playing with them. She's good at stopping when we say "no touch" or "ah-uh" but then she's your typical toddler and continues on while making direct eye contact with us to see how far she can push it. Gotta love her for trying! So the magic of Christmas has officially begun at our house! Too bad it only lasts a month (I am willing to bet that the tree stays up for quite some time after though because I doubt that I'll be getting my 9 month pregnant butt up and down a ladder to dis-assemble it!) My most favorite part of decorating the tree is taking all the new ornaments that Brett and I bought through the year from the different places we visited and adding them to the ornament collection. We started doing this since our honeymoon and it has become a tradition of ours. Hopefully when we are old and grey and celebrating Christmas with our girls and hopefully even their kids we'll look back at our tree and see it full of ornaments and memories of the world we traveled together.

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Becky said...

Got to love Christmas! Beautiful tree. I love this time of year. :-)