Tuesday, December 22, 2009

35 weeks

I am officially 35 wks pregnant as of yesterday and all day yesterday I was convinced I'd have this baby within the next week. Today, however, not as convinced. I was contracting all day long yesterday. About 6 or 7 times an hour. Some were uncomfortable. Nothing regular enough to send me in a panic mode to the hospital, but with that and a number of other classic "early labor" symptoms (which I will spare you the details) I did call the Dr's office to check. They offered for me to come in and get checked, but I declined and figured I'd wait it out to see what comes of it. Go figure that today I've had maybe one contraction. I'm okay with that, no need to hurry anything along! Like I said I can wait til my due date, but I just hope that I'm not sitting here post gestational dates agonizing on when the baby is going to come. Yes 35 weeks is a little early, but I can handle that probably better then I would if you told me I was 41 weeks and still pregnant. Knock on wood. So with all of yeseterday's events I picked up the pace with getting things ready for Baby. I started my lists (some mental and some written) of everything that needs to get done, packed, cleaned, and organized. I was even able to check many things off that list. Pack and Play is set up, Brooklyn's bag is packed, and Brett and My hospital bag is in the works. Figure if I have the things ready to go, I won't need them for quite some time. I really want to wait until after mid Janurary to have this baby. More time with Brooklyn and more time to enjoy being pregnant (Brett's insistant this is our last kiddo, me not as convinced, although I can't see us with more then 2, I just like being pregnant) Anyway, House is also as clean as it'll get, mainly cause Nana Trini and Pee-Paw Hojo arrive tonight from Chicago! So much excitement in our house!

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