Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Christmas Card

The one part of the holiday that I dread every year as our lives continue to get busier is sending out Holiday cards. I often wonder if anyone is even going to care if I send them a holiday card or not....of course I wonder how many of the cards I send out go from the mailbox to trash within minutes. OH, come on...I know there are some of you out there :-)! Then during the weeks and days leading up to Christmas I realize how wrong I am about sending out holiday cards. The cards sent to us filling up our mailbox are so fun to receive! I enjoy the christmas letters, the updates and more importantly the pictures! So I bite my toungue now everytime I say that I hate sending Holiday cards because I would be so sad if we didn't receive any! It puts our home in the "holiday spirit." So thank you to all those that continue the tradition of Holiday cards and take the time to send some holiday love our way! I promise you that our home is not one to take the card from the mailbox to the trash within minutes. I hang each and every card up with pride.

Until next year.....

P.S. if you didn't receive a card from us this year, blame the postal service....or me cause I simply overlooked your address in my book.

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