Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas PIctures

Here's our family photo....

And Brooklyn with Nana and PeePaw

Pictures taken Christmas morning after we came home from church. Brooklyn did good at church (had a bag full of toys and treats for entertainment), but I gotta say kids have impeccable timing for saying such classic things. She was crawling all over the pew and went to go squat she squatted she let out a little "toot" from her rear. Brett and I both looked at each other and her, giggled and then Brooklyn chuckeled even louder and announced "poo poop!" Nice huh?! Good thing we were seated at the back :-)

Since I had to work the night of Christmas we did gifts Christmas eve.

(yeap that's a nice shot of me and how HUGE I am getting...although I don't feel as huge as I look...)

Too my dismay, Brooklyn's new favorite word is "mine"...used in the very possesive sense. We're working on sharing at our house :) so when she got her new puppy it was very tough to tear it away from her.

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